Private Lessons / Clinics

If a course or a book isn’t your thing, then sign up for private lessons online with Keith.

No matter where you live, the time zone you’re in, or the busy schedule you keep, Keith will create time to help you on your journey.

By using Skype, Oovoo, Gmail, or iChat, you will have a video lesson in the comfort of your own home.

Think it won’t work?  Give it a try… the quality of video and audio technology has improved and you will be glad you gave it a chance!

Keith will give you the tools necessary to improve!

Working with fundamental playing skills, Keith will guide you on better practice tools, including: What, When, & How Much to practice.  These are tools that will not only improve your range, endurance, and tone, but your tonguing ability, timing, and finger speed as well.

Lesson rates are $80 per hour.

If you have a group of friends or students that would like to attend a clinic, Keith is available for clinics as well.

Topics will range from stylistic playing, playing as a section, lead playing, improvisation, efficient practice habits, equipment, and self esteem as a player!

To schedule your lesson, Click HERE to contact Keith

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