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Isn’t it time to finally have the range,

power, endurance, tone, and control

you’re working too hard for?


Former Maynard Ferguson Trumpeter

Reveals Secrets That Will Have You Playing Like…

Dear Fellow Brass Player,

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Are you a trumpeter, trombone, baritone, or tuba player suffering from “traditional” ways of thinking, practicing, and selecting equipment?  After all, weren’t people telling Christopher Columbus that the world is flat? Improving trumpet high notes or playing trombone or baritone more efficiently is NO different! Most people over complicate brass playing in general… why not make it simple to understand?

trumpetHave you spent literally thousands of dollars on mouthpieces, horns, books, private lessons, trumpet lessons online, CD’s, and other media trying to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  The King Solomon’s mine of information on how to improve?

The more you try to understand, ask questions, and dig for answers the more unclear and confusing it feels – right?  Does it feel like trying to climb Mt. Everest with your bare hands?

What if you were able to find a resource for trumpeters, trombone, baritone AND tuba players that didn’t speak in circles, leave large holes in its message, but rather strived for clarity in understanding?  Suppose you could access all the secrets, tools, and resources you need to achieve the playing abilities you’ve only dreamed of with trumpet high notes, trombone range, endurance, baritone playing, and tone quality?  As well as be able to take trumpet lessons from the author?

“Working with Keith Fiala this past year has been a thrill.  He has taught me many things and has improved my tone and range completely.  I have a new point of view of playing the trumpet now.  His teaching style is so relaxed that it creates a conducive environment for learning.  At the same time, he knows how to push you to improve.  I would recommend him for any trumpet player wanting to learn and grow. His is phenomenal!”

Kenneth Marina – College Student

What trumpet players, trombone players, baritone players, or tuba players do you idolize?  What player on your instrument makes you step back and say, “WHOA!”?    Maynard Ferguson?  Bill Watrous?  Bill Chase? Wayne Bergeron?  Eric Miyashiro? After all, trumpet high notes DO create excitement!

Ask yourself these 3 Questions:

arrow Why am I not improving?

arrow What areas of my playing do I fear the most?

arrowAm I about to give up because I feel like I just can’t do it?

guy playing trumpetNow be honest with yourself and answer these 3 questions:

1)    Am I practicing the right material in the right manner?  Taking mental breaks as well as physical… or are you focusing on what you practice mentally?
2)    What caused me to fear aspects of my playing?  Because they were difficult at first?
3)    Am I about to give up because of a lack of support?  OR interest because I am not finding instant gratification?

But right now, you’re in that place where you just can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong.  Practicing hard?  Why not practice smart!

Are you ready for a change??

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Paperback Version of Secrets!

I know how you feel. I’ve shared your frustration.
But the solution awaits you- it’s a simple process of removing an obstacle. I will tell you now though, I need you to get a little hungry! Hungry in a good way; the sort of hunger that makes you want to keep digging in and practice because you’re improvement is closer than ever!  You HAVE to become a Ferocious Learner!!!!
Secrets To Efficient Brass Playing Book

After spending nearly 28 years in a complete fog, quitting, coming back and playing with Maynard Ferguson, and taking action to improve my understanding and abilities, I decided to package my knowledge on both sides of the confusion in one book.

This book is offered as an “instant download” e-book form through Pay Pal’s secure purchase.  The book will address the most fundamental problems for brass players and offer clear advice on how to grow past it!

The good, the bad and the ugly!

This is one of my 6th grade students playing a 2 octave F major scale on the new “KF” Model Mouthpiece and utilizing the teachings in the book!

If you act right now, here’s what you’ll learn!
A CLEAR understanding of the muscle in your face and what role it plays
An author’s point of view that talks about the extreme struggles that prompted me to quit playing!  And what I did different!
Simple ways to increase endurance
Instant improvement in tone quality and flexibility
Maynard Ferguson’s thoughts and approach to playing brass instruments
Preparing for a performance
How to stay in shape when things are slow
What to do RIGHT NOW to get your chops in shape (regardless of where you’re at right now)
How to immediately identify the cause and effect of too much arm pressure
The hidden cause of almost all endurance problems
The best way to weed out the bad advice from the good by dispelling myths and common misconceptions that held me back for years
Master the inner player and unlock your potential by conquering the most paralyzing fear
How to feel absolutely inspired again
The 3 most common mouthpiece myths blown out of the water!
The single most important secret to your success and why this may be the exact reason that keeps you from realizing your dreams

“Dear Keith,

Thanks for the email tips you sent today.  I received the Curry 30m mouthpiece last week on Thursday & I didn’t realize how much easier things were going  to be until I was in church Sunday playing in a large open air building.  It worked great!  I chose the 30m first in fear of the 30s bottoming out.  Out of curiosity, I ordered the 30s & should have it by Thursday or Friday.  Hopefully it will be a minimal adjustment.

Thanks for the mouthpiece advice.  I can see now that growing up in a world with the attitude that real men play big mouthpieces has truly delayed my progress.  What a shame!  Thanks again for your continued support!”

Jim Roberson, Hobbs NM – Customer

Why am I anxious to share my hard work and knowledge with you?

Secrets To Efficient Brass Playing BookSimple…

It’s what I love doing… it’s a valuable service to my students and clients… and it fills my need to help others.

It is my sincerest desire that this book helps save at least one person from the 30 years of frustration and feeling lost… the answers are very simple once you find them.

I have poured my heart and soul into this e-book to help others play trumpet high notes more efficiently, as well as improving other brass players playing characteristics.  It’s as sincere as I can be and just as honest!


“Hey Man,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the follow up email, and extra tips!!  I’m really enjoying the book, it’s helped alot to clarify a few ideas I’d been working on.  Your story also helped inspire me as I see you’ve gone through some of the same playing issues and pitfalls of bad practice as me

So thanks again!!”


Nate Simpson, Bangor United Kingdom – Customer

With the purchase of “Secrets To Efficient Brass Playing“, you’ll also receive 2 free videos from the author (Keith Fiala) describing and demonstrating the finer points in the book.  As someone who learns more by watching, Keith feels that this will further help clear up common misconceptions and questions.

Bonus Video #1:

Keith gives his thoughts on how to approach practicing, why he wrote the book, etc.

Bonus Video #2:

Keith discusses exercise #1 and what to look for when practicing this exercise!

In addition, weekly emails with tips, tricks, interviews and videos to further help you on your journey!!!  You won’t have to feel alone any longer on the range journey!  We also now offer trumpet lessons online via webcam!

If you prefer paying by check rather than process your order through Pay Pal, please click the “Ask Keith” link at the top of the page.

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Paperback Version of Secrets!


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