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Arrow - Right Have you walked out of your trumpet lessons dazed and confused?

Arrow - Right Have you been told that it will take the rest of your life to master the                      skills needed to become a respected player?

Arrow - Right Do you hold the belief that you have to have natural ability?

Finally, a resource that takes the guess work out of trumpet playing no matter your learning style.

What learning style best describes you?

  • The “Why” style individual needs to know why they’re learning what they’re learning.  What are the payoffs?
  • The “What For” style individuals are academic types who tend to look at the big picture.  They need to see the whole process, the theory and facts, “what am I going to learn?”   Also known as the ” understanders”
  • The “How” style individual is not concerned with why or what – they  just  want the specific steps and procedures – then they get it.  It’s like following a recipe!
  • The “What If” individuals just want results.  Get them into Action. What is the immediate specific action I need to do right now?“  Do this Now!”  “Tell me what to do”

Keith understands the contrast of the different learning styles and addresses each point in its simplest form so you immediately gain clarity over the material.

Whether you are in middle school, high school, a new adult player, or comeback player, Keith will help you easily discover how to:

Blue CheckAchieve better range and control over your instrument

Blue CheckMaintain reliability and consistency in skill level

Blue CheckHow to identify why things are not currently working

Blue CheckGain respect from audiences and musicians alike

The confusion stops here!

Chances are, you’re not getting the results you want or need.  Success in anything is all about planning, preparation and an absolute focus on the end result.  Are you ready to finally start seeing real results with your playing?  If you’re serious about improving your trumpet playing, and making great strides in your progress, then these may be the most important instructional videos you have ever purchased.

What if you had a clear sense of direction and specific instructions of what to do and in what order?

You are about to discover amazing methods about how to play your trumpet regardless of your age or level.

Here is what you will receive with Keith’s

Video Courses:

Treble Clef Video courses that give an alternative to a one-time lesson setting                          offering greater clarity and definition for all learning styles

Treble Clef A Video series ….from absolute beginner to the most advanced                                  techniques.

Treble Clef In-depth explanations that remove all guess work out of being a student,           and interactively engages you in having fun with your horn again

Treble Clef All of Keith’s strategies that took him over 30 years to learn. The                             information is clear, concise, and transparent.  The instruction                             is simplified in step by step terms that will supercharge your playing                   abilities.

If you’ve ever been told that it will take you many years to learn basic trumpet skills, Keith’s courses will help you remove all the speed limiters that have been placed on you.  With proper instruction you will master more in 4 weeks than most beginners learn in 6 months.

Your success is important to me. I’m going to give you all the tools that took me 30+ years to learn.  I will guide you to accelerate your learning and shatter the myths associated with playing your trumpet.

Would you like to learn from a former Maynard Ferguson Trumpeter who literally threw in the towel and quit playing for years?

Yes or Yes?


Here’s what others are saying!

I’ve had the pleasure of viewing – and commenting on in a preview – Keith Fiala’s course/effort. Here are my thoughts …

Keith Fiala REALLY knows his stuff about trumpeting and the “mysteries” of range and high register playing. He is an outstanding trumpeter and teacher.

He’s been “there” facing some of the same chop, range, you-name-it issues that all of us trumpeters have encountered. Because of these experiences, Keith expresses some of the “mysterious” concepts in a professional, empathetic way. He’s been there and back.

The videos are well-produced, covering many of the topics, problems, issues. Using an interactive approach, these lessons are assuredly going to help trumpeters from beginners, comebackers and students to pros who need an occasional tip or two.

Keith brings not only his own playing experience, but, having been on the road with Maynard Ferguson, he draws extensively from that experience.

As more of a jazz player than a lead player, Keith has given me insights that have alleviated the fears and mysteries of the upper register as well as building up my overall confidence.

I’d highly recommend ANYTHING that has Keith Fiala’s name on it. A great player and teacher!

Nick Mondello; Trumpeter, Writer


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