Success Club!


Have you ever been given absurd advice such as the following?

1. To remedy cracked notes, play a short passage, stop & turn your mouthpiece ¼ turn,

repeat until chopped notes disappear.

2. Closing the t hroat causes bad sound?

3. Larger mouthpieces indicate strength & smaller mouthpieces cause

loss of flexibility, endurance, & low register?


Do you have a hard time focusing on 1 thing to practice?

Does is seem like you just can’t get a straight clear answer about how to warm up, or how to build lasting endurance & range?

Are you confused about what to do after you’ve taken a full breath of air?

Now you can have a 5 minute private lesson sent directly to your email inbox 3 days per week!







Imagine having a practice coach giving you specific topics and clear instruction right in your own home.

Are you ready for someone to walk you through, step by step, and show you why things are NOT working for you?

The time is now for a results oriented player like you!

How much would you pay to kick your playing into high gear?

How long have you been searching for clear answers and direction about your trumpet playing?

Wouldn’t you like to be absolutely clear about the actions you need to take to get the results you want?

Weekly private lessons can run as much as $25 to over $100 per session

Why not join today for $10 per month….yes, you read that correctly!






ONLY $10 per month – NOT per lesson

Here’s what’s included in your club membership:

-1 topic outlined per week delivered directly to you via email M-W-F

-Clear instruction on how to practice specific methods

-Old school trumpet myths busted streamlining your playing experience

-Instruction through motivation and confidence building measures

-Topics such as endurance, tone, articulation, multiple tonguing, range, fundamental music reading, finger dexterity, proper practice methods, efficient practice skills, and so much more…

Act now and activate your 5 minutes to success membership!


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