Chops Rehab Course

Are You Frustrated With Your Trumpet Playing?

Tired of hours of trumpet practice with no discernible results?

Improve Your Endurance, Range and Tone


In Less Than 28 Days!


I’m going to let you in on a little secret most trumpet players don’t know…

Range is tied to endurance!   Improve endurance and improve range!

It is easy to develop bad habits when you play.

I know the problems we face or how easy it is to get stuck in a rut.

All of these little bad habits and little problems that can keep you from playing your best.

But you have to understand… It doesn’t matter if you practice for 3 hours every day for the next year… you will STILL have these same issues and problems!

If you really want to become a master trumpet player, then you have to get back to the basics!

Improve Your Trumpet Playing Tonight!

Re-Structure Your Fundamentals

You know the old saying, “practice makes perfect”?

Well, if you are practicing inefficiently over and over again, then all you are going to perfect is your mistakes.

If you are ready to perfect your playing and blow all the other trumpet players out of the water… then you MUST eliminate all those problems, bad habits and the bad trumpet playing that is holding you back.

Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Do you want to play easily with a LOT more range?
  • Do you wish that you could produce a better, cleaner, louder sound?
  • Do you want to play with more endurance?

See Results with your first online trumpet lesson!

All you need to do is re-structure your fundamentals and you are going to skyrocket your range, improve your sound and boost your endurance!  With proper instruction you will master more in 4 weeks than most beginner’s learn in 6 months!

Steer Clear of The Mistakes, the Problems And the Frustration!

Believe me; I completely understand how you feel right now.

You are stuck in a rut, you can’t break through that plateau in your playing… and you might even feel like you are starting to move backwards.

But the worst part is that you can’t seem to get the help that you need.

Everyone you know gives you different and conflicting advice. It’s almost impossible to get the clear answers that you need.

But now there is a way for you to save yourself the frustration of not seeing improvement in your playing.

That is exactly why I created the Chops Rehab Course, so you can get the expert advice that you need with ease!

With the Chops Rehab Course you are going to put your trumpet playing in gear and take it to a whole new level.

Whether you are in the school band, a new adult player, or even a seasoned pro… I can help you overcome all the issues and the problems that you are facing.

And it’s all about rethinking the fundamentals and conventional wisdom!

Chops Rehab is a online video course that gives you an alternative to your typical one-on-one lessons.

You are going to get this valuable information broken-down into a way that you will understand it – easily and without any confusion.

No more inexperienced teachers giving you bad information… no more confusing and conflicting advice steering you in the wrong direction.

Chops Rehab gives you the expert information you deserve in a way that you can understand.

During this 4 week course I am going to help you break all those bad habits, teach you a load of new tricks and give you the confidence you need to impress anyone with your new abilities!

My goal is to teach you how to have fun with your horn again… and to blow all the other guys out of the water!

Over 30 Years of Experience in One Power-Packed 4-Week Course

I have been Playing trumpet for over 30 years, most of that time playing professionally.

During that time I have had to break a ton of bad habits along the way. I have fallen into terrible ruts, and I have faced a lot of embarrassing problems.

And through all that I finally realized that MOST of a trumpet player’s problems can be fixed or avoided by simply restructuring the basics and repairing the ground-work.

It took me over 30 painstaking years to learn these methods, techniques and approaches… but it will only take me 4 weeks to teach them to you.

Here’s what others are saying about the course!

Hey Keith,I thought I would take a minute to let you know what and how I am doing with “Chops Rehab”

First of all, let me say that I am getting my moneys worth and more from this course!! Of course,
you have to understand that for the first time in my almost 70 years of life, I have really taken to
becoming a student of the instrument and since I have no “performance commitments” with
the time pressures created by same I can really relax with my “woodshed” time.

So what I have done is make your 4 week course and 12 week course and concentrate on
the flow of the instruction until I feel ready to move on.

Now for the results category!

As you may remember from my letter to you, I am using a Bach 2C mouthpiece which I find
challenging after having played on a 10 1/2 C for most of my playing career after college.

Some of this will sound a little weird, but I find myself concentrating on my aperture focus
and using my air speed that I can mentally see the airflow in my mind and make corrections
accordingly. Also I have become quite adept at playing softly and once I began to get the
feel of small aperture and fast (and not more) air, my range really began to improve.

Now to you this probably will sound pretty boring since you have such range and dynamic
control, but to me it is quite exciting. As I mentioned before, during my active playing years,
my consistently workable range was F above high C and that was with considerable pressure
and a much smaller mouthpiece.

Just yesterday during my evening practice session I was able play (for the first time ever) A
above high C with a sustainable tone and marginal control. Damn, that felt good!!!

I will be doing a video in a few days for my High School classmates as follow up to them on how I am
doing with my “come back” endeavor and will post it on YT. I will send you the link when it is

So thanks Keith for your help and support with the weekly tips.

One of you many students and fans,

Dan McCoun


Hi Keith,
Learning from your videos has really helped me in my quest of the upper register. I am learning to relax my embouchure and rely on high speed air when playing above the staff . Using these videos is like getting a personal mentor because you never fail to answer my questions when I get
“stuck” on a musical roadblock such as smoothing out an attack or lasting through a non-stop 2 hour rehearsal. I strongly recommend your video course to anyone who is serious about bringing their range and endurance to the next level.

Mark Bouyer

For many years, I’ve been so confused with so many things about the trumpet just like many others. How to play in the higher register, what type of mouthpiece, lip flexibility and especially the arching of the tongue. I’ve listened to so many trumpet players try and explain what these mean but could never fully understand it until I came across Keith Fiala.I purchased his book “Secrets to effecient brass playing” and had a consultation through the internet. He answered a lot of my confusion with the trumpet. Every question that would bother me was finally resolved. He gave me excellent customer service. There are many trumpet players out there but not trumpet teachers.

Keith is a great trumpet player and a great trumpet teacher. After what he taught me, I am greatly inspired to learn more about the trumpet. I can tell he wants to help trumpet players reach their potential. He takes his time to teach what he knows and to give out what he knows. I’ve listened to many trumpet players teach without fully giving out what they know. Keith exposes everything that he’s learned, especially through his book.

I am looking for a trumpet teacher and will definitely plan to do lessons with him in the future. I highly recommend any trumpet player to contact Keith to get their answers solved.

Again, I would like to thank you Keith!


To read more testimonials, click here!

But it’s not just my experience that makes me the perfect coach to teach you how to become a better trumpet player, I also understand HOW to effectively teach you in a way that is simplified in step by step terms.

I understand that we all learn different things in different ways. This is why I address each lesson in the simplest possible method… so that you can immediately understand the information and instantly begin using it in your playing.

The trumpet lessons are clear, concise, and transparent. I give you all the instruction in simplified step-by-step terms and I work with you to supercharge all your playing abilities.

When you have the right information and the right help, you are going to start playing at a level that takes most trumpet players YEARS to reach (if ever)!

I am going to give you everything you need to…Instantly have better range and control over your instrument!

Retain everything I teach and stay consistent in your new-found skill level!
Identify when new problems appear, and the simple steps you need to take to eliminate them for good!
Stop letting your self-inflicting problems hold you back any longer!


It’s Time for You to Set Yourself Apart From Other Trumpet Players and Get the Edge You Deserve…

The difference between YOU and all the other trumpet players you know is that YOU are here, right now, and you are ready to get the edge that you deserve!

  • You are tired of running out of endurance!
  • You are tired of having all the other trumpet players play better than you!
  • You are tired of playing with a restricted range!
  • You are tired of dealing with the frustration that you feel every time you step-up to play!
  • You are tired of practicing – night after night – without seeing any change!

And you are ready to do something about it…

  • You are ready to gain the respect of everyone you know!
  • You are ready to amaze your family and your friends with your new skills!
  • You are ready to start playing like a real PRO – with perfect accuracy, perfect pitch and perfect tone!
  • You are ready to play for hours without stopping!
  • You are ready to become the go-to guy for the perfect sounding trumpet!
  • You are ready to discover the expert secrets and remove all those roadblocks that have been holding you back.
  • You are ready to restructure your fundamentals, break all those bad habits and get the help that you need.

Essentially, you are ready to start playing trumpet better than you ever thought possible. And you are going to do it all in only 4 weeks!

Take Control And Play Like A Pro or Continue To Suffer The Frustration…

When you start playing like a pro, everything is going to change.

You are going to play easier, faster and longer.

Your sound is going to be clearer, your tone is going to be richer and you are going to surprise yourself with your endurance.

And the best part is that you can learn it all in the comfort of your own home, from a professional trumpet player who played with Maynard Ferguson and understands exactly what you need and what you want.

With my Chops Rehab course, you aren’t going to have to waste thousands of dollars on lessons, and you don’t have to waste years struggling to eliminate these problems and bad habits.

All you need is the right information, a few hard-hitting tips and my ground-breaking technique to become the pro trumpet player you want to be.

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It’s time for you to take the first step, end your frustration and take control over your trumpet playing.

It’s time for you to know exactly what it feels like to play in front of your friends and family… and play like a pro.

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P.S. Your success is important to me, and I am going to give you all the tools that took me over 30 years to learn.

I will help you break those bad habits, eliminate all your problems and shatter the issues that are holding you back.

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