2 Day Lesson & Mouthpiece Package


An Empowering 2 Days of Lessons & Mouthpiece Package

with Trumpeter Keith Fiala

To really get locked in, sometimes we need an “intensive” style training session.

Are you ready to learn the best kept secrets?

Trumpet Resources is now offering is a 2 day, one-on-one session with Keith.  In addition, you’ll receive an Austin Winds mouthpiece kit with your choice of rim sizes and back bore, a subscription to Chops Rehab, a copy of Keith’s book, Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing, and an intense training session that will put you on the right track with the exercises and “how to” that will get you the control and power that you desire.

The time is now to take your playing from good to amazing!

2 Day Session –

You’ll spend two 8 hour days with Keith in intensely focused lessons that will surely lock things down for you; 2 full days learning how to take your playing to the highest level.

Day 1 will consist of identifying exactly what is keeping you from your playing goals and establishing a warm up, practice routine, and warm down that will set you on the right path to success.  Together, Keith will accompany you to your scheduled appointment at Austin Winds to establish what mouthpiece size works best for you.  We will explore your internal player and give you the confidence to exceed your wildest expectations.  Concepts are useless unless you can find easy, clear, and inspired ways to carry them out in your everyday playing. What do you dream of?

Day 2 will consist of breaking the habits that we identified the day before and continue to establish the best ways to make your new mouthpieces work best for you!  Going in depth into proper warm up, scheduled practice, routines, and build your ground breaking practice habits that will ensure rapid growth.  You’ll also further explore ways to feel confident and centered, both as a trumpet player and a musician.

Blending many years of playing professionally along with 30 plus years of hard knox university, Keith will guide you into becoming the player of your dreams.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your playing or what your goals are. Keith’s “out-of-the-box” instruction, mentoring, and results-oriented lessons will take you beyond what you ever thought possible.  Students who have taken privately from Keith and utilized his recommendations have excelled and achieved dream oriented goals.  Imagine what your results will be and how you will feel after 2 straight intense days!

This 2 day intensive is for you if:

1.  You’ve been searching endlessly for answers and are tired of the run-around

2.  You’re ready to give up playing

3.  You feel stuck and lost when it comes to range

4.  You’re ready to learn how to make your endurance last all night

5.  You are finally ready to play effortlessly and with ease

6.  You’re finally ready to settle on 1 mouthpiece that works

7.  You don’t really know how to practice efficiently

8.  You don’t know what to practice to make steady improvement

9.  You don’t understand the difference between aperture & embouchure

10. Your chops give out before the end of  your performance

Mouthpiece Kit –

This mouthpiece kit will consist of a hand crafted wooden carrying case, 3 tops, and 1 back bore from Austin Winds.  These gold plated mouthpieces are interchangeable with the back bore… the “KF” series mouthpiece is available in .600, .620, and .640.  Other sizes are available from Austin Winds – we’ll make sure that your sizes are secured before you leave!

Chops Rehab Course –

You’ll have full access to Chops Rehab immediately.  This 4 week course is designed to help you lock in ways to build your range, and will help you to improve your tone, flexibility, and endurance!

The investment:  $1500

Here’s what you’ll receive in this 2 Day Intensive:

* 16 hours of private instruction & mentoring( $1280 Value)

* An Austin Winds mouthpiece kit – Retail Value – $400

* Chops Rehab Course valued at $77.00

* Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing – $29 value

Whether you are a beginner player, a come back player, or play in your high school jazz band, we promise you that your investment will positively impact your life and your playing for years to come.


Follow up session

30 days after your intensive we will schedule a session either via phone or skype to answer any questions, rectify any mysteries, and to keep you on the right path.


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