This Chops Rehab course is designed to show in depth how the chops work, how to practice upper register playing,and routines that will help develop your trumpet embouchure, air usage, and promote relaxation to enhance endurance and consistency! Due to my experience in playing the trumpet I am able to show you how break old useless habits and build enough strength to perform correctly which will increase the accuracy of the notes and allow you to hit them time after time.  No more hit or miss.  The lessons on air usage are priceless. Following my time proven lesson will enhance the way you play and will use both exercises and natural positioning to ensure you do not reset your chops with every breath.  ???????????This will ensure that both your consistency and endurance will increase. Learning the proper trumpet embouchure will also aid in hitting the same notes time after time.  Now is the time to quit wishing you can consistently hit that upper register.  Now is the time to quit wishing you can play for hours without getting exhausted. Now is the time to enroll in the Chops Rehab course and fulfill your dreams of electrifying the audience with your trumpet playing.

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