Weekly Trumpet Tips 9/4/12

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Here are your weekly tips:

Tip #1 – When Moral Support Doesn’t Come From Family / Close Friends

One of the hardest things to cope with as an entertainer, artist, musician, or anyone that is outside the mainstream “ideology” of what a career or “real” job looks like is to face the negative responses we can tend to get when we share our enthusiasm for lofty dreams and goals.

Like a new parent, you have to take a personal oath that you will protect your dreams and lofty goals at all costs!  This can be a tough pill to swallow when we realize that close friends and even family aren’t always going to be on board with what your dreams are.  There are several responses you should be prepared for.

1) A negative reaction is not necessarily out of meanness.  It can be out of what they consider to be your best interests (being the voice of reason)… telling you that becoming a jewel thief or a crooked hedge-fund manager is one thing.  But telling you that going into your dream career that brings joy to others is “bad,” isn’t necessarily good advice.  So when you share your goals with someone, be prepared for this.  Becoming defensive will only create a waste of energy, and can throw you off course.  So be choosy on who you communicate with.

2) Jealousy travels in all of us to some degree.  Some have it in check better than others… typically jealous responses can be more aggressive and hurtful.  “Why should you have the courage to do something like that when I’m too afraid to leave my own porch?”  So the best way to try and keep you on your porch is to put you down, make fun of you, or adamantly tell you you’re crazy for even thinking that.

3) Ignoring or seeming uninterested.  This could be that the person doesn’t understand, and doesn’t want to appear stupid.  Or – they just legitimately don’t care.

4) True genuine support… someone who is thrilled about your lofty goals, and shows you with their actions more than their words that they support you whole-heartedly.  This is what we want initially from everyone… and it’s what we all NEED!

Once you understand the reactions that are possible, it can make you more choosy on who you share your goals with, and help you stay on course so that you’re not spending precious time and energy trying to either avoid the negative responses or to help those people understand.  After all, it’s really YOUR course…

Tip #2 – Playing in Extreme Conditions!

Whether your extreme conditions are heat, cold, high humidity, or extreme dryness, it’s important to understand how YOU react physically under those conditions.  Sadly, I don’t handle high heat and humidity well… given the region I currently live in, we have 6 months of my least favorite weather.  But knowing how to prepare for it can make the difference between a good performance and a positive experience, or a miserable time of both.

What extreme temperature do you best react in?  Is it cold?  Or do you find that you play better in the heat?  Since we’re all physically different, it would be interesting to hear who fairs well in either condition… what about humid or dry conditions?

In heat, it’s imperative that you stay hydrated.  Drinking lots of water HOURS BEFORE the performance, and avoiding anything that will cause you to dry out.  Coffee, lots of salt, etc.  Being prepared is the best defense.

In cold, it’s best to try and keep your core temperature warm.  So drinking warm / hot liquids and protecting your head, chest, and feet are important.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling

Have a GREAT week!