weekly Trumpet Tips 9/26/10

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips,

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Here are your weekly Tips!

Tip #1 – Schlossberg Part 2

Last week I wrote about the usefulness of the Schlossberg exercises and gaining range and flexibility if done properly… I’d like to expound on that a bit for clarification.  By consistently doing these type of exercises in the proper form, you can help to increase your range because one of the biggest range and sound killers is closing down the aperture in place of increasing air speed.  Now I am not saying to try to fill up a stadium with sound as that will be cause another set of issues all on its own.  (See the over blowing tip from a few weeks back).

We are dealing with a balance between the aperture and the air speed to create vibrations through compression and resistance.  If you create an imbalance, you’re creating more than just sound and range problems… you’re setting yourself up for fatigue, flexibility issues, and a host of other problems that most trumpet players face daily!

The Schlossberg exercises when done properly, will help you to maintain this balance and actually create a better tonal center and curb any habits of closing down the aperture as you ascend.

Tip #2 – Thoughts Are Energy – Make Them Good Ones!

I was faced this week with an option of letting someone else’s opinions and comments make me feel worthless or ignore them and continue to have faith in my hard work and practice!  When we allow someone else’s opinion to over ride our own, we are in danger of giving them our energy and our power.

I was reminded by my loving wife that our thoughts are energy… and if we turn our thoughts toward negativity, we will only bring on more negativity.  If you’re gonna have thoughts, make them good ones and keep them in the right direction!  Our progress typically happens in baby steps… but like every other 10,000 mile journey, you’ll never get there without taking each step!  Enjoy the journey and ignore those that would want to stop you from meeting your goals!

“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.”

Stephen R. Covey
Author and Speaker

Have a GREAT week!