Weekly Trumpet Tips 9/20/11

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips!

Please always feel free to respond / comment on any of the tips listed in these weekly posts.  Your input may help clarify details for someone else!

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Here Are your Weekly Tips:

Tension / Stiffness IS the Enemy!

When we play for long periods of time, or if we tend to play tight, eventually our lips stiffen up – thus making the lips NOT want to vibrate in the air stream.  Causing a raspy sound, airy tone, pitch problems, and sometimes just flat out nothing!

During long periods of playing, it’s wise to do loosening type activities – everything from horse flaps to pedal tones, etc.  This helps promote the tissue not getting filled with fluid – causing swelling and eventually stiff lips.  This is the one time you DON’T want to keep a stiff upper lip!

Nothing is as healing as rest, but doing these types of activities will certainly help get you to the next rest area.

Recovery Times – How to Help the Chops Along:

As I get older, one of the things that I’ve noticed is that my recovery time has increased.  What used to take a day or so can sometimes take 3 for a full recovery.  Now, keep in mind – I beat the crap out of myself because of the type of gigs I’m called to do.  BUT – nonetheless, my recovery time has increased.

I was turned on to a vitamin called “L-Glutamine.”  I tracked the stuff down at Whole Foods and started taking 1 pill every day.  I’m a week in and need to keep experimenting with it, but somehow I made it through a VERY “L O N G” weekend!  And did so with very little fatigue.

If you feel as though you’re not recovering as quickly as necessary, you may want to try various vitamins and minerals.  Backed up by lots of fluid intake (preferably water), a healthy diet, and plenty of sleep, you will find that you’ll bounce back a lot quicker.

PLEASE NOTE – It is recommended that you check with your physician before taking supplements, etc. of this nature.  I am NOT claiming that L-Glutamine is the sole cause of my quicker recovery times… but I am promoting a healthier approach to eating…

Given the monstrous weekend, I was unable to shoot the next follow up video… we will surely get that done this week!

Thanks for following the tips!

“I am willing to put myself through anything; temporary pain or discomfort means nothing to me as long as I can see that the experience will take me to a new level.”

Diana Nyad
Author, Journalist and World Record Long-Distance Swimmer

Have a GREAT week!