Weekly Trumpet Tips 9/16/14

The Shadow

The Shadow


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Tip #1 – Listen Up!

Part of what makes the greats so incredible (apart from their playing ability) is their ability to listen!  I play in many different situations that have a trumpet section or a horn section in the group.  What sets the great horn sections apart from the weaker ones is how each member listens… a great lead trumpet player is basically the leader – setting style, dynamic changes, note cut-off’s, etc.  And when this goes unnoticed or unheard, the rest of the players barrel right through causing a discontinuity in style and all the sweet stuff that will make the band sound tight and like one unit!

Missing the dynamic punches or forte-piano’s basically means that this effort was wasted.  As does stopping a note together.  A great lead trumpet player does a LOT more than just play the high notes…

So whether you’re working to be a good solid lead player, or are a section member, always listen up to the lead player…

Tip #2 – Get Out And Perform!

There was something about playing our instrument that captivated us… for me, the true addiction came from the applause of the crowd as a young child.  There was nothing more awe inspiring to me than to hear people clap and cheer for something that I was a part of or did.

One of the best ways to truly grow as a musician is to get out and do it.  Whether things go great, or you music blows off the stand and you have to figure out how to recover on the spot, it’s all great learning tools that we need to experience individually!

Here is a video from this past weekend of my quintet performing… enjoy!