Weekly Trumpet Tips 8/9/16

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(1) Flugelhorn Sound (Video)

(2) Keith’s Newest CD Coming Soon

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Tip #1 – Flugelhorn Sound (Video)

Tip #2 – Keith’s Newest CD Coming Soon!

There are times that I stop what I’m doing and allow myself to think back… even just 5 years ago!  I could not really imagine myself being a part of a jazz / fusion quintet… no high notes?  Improvisation?  NO WAY!  Not for me… that’s what I would say back then.  When I decided to take the improvisation journey seriously and STAY on that path without giving up, throwing in the towel, jumping off the train, falling off the wagon, etc. I felt like a 5 year old at his first day of kindergarten all over again.

As my confidence and abilities grew (painfully slow I might add) I started to become more restless… wanting a chance to solo more so I could further my growth.  And after producing “Messages From The Other Side” I decided to approach my buddies Bob Sundberg, Ben Irom and Randy Sundberg about forming something.  We found our amazing bass player, Andrzej Kujawa and formed GroovesKool.

Not only am I going to use tip #2 as a shameless plug for my new CD – but I’m going to use it to encourage you to reach further past what you think you can do!  5 years were going to pass no matter what… but what I did in those 5 years – day to day – made all the difference!  If you’re like I am and have an absolute burning fire inside for playing… DO IT!  I’m finding that sometimes the hardest, most difficult paths we choose are the most rewarding and the most beautiful when you look back upon them!

Here’s our promo for the new CD coming out September 1st, 2016!

Have a GREAT week!