Weekly Trumpet Tips 8/19/14

The Shadow

The Shadow

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Tip #1 – Focus on What – Not How Long!

One of the best things you can do for your growth is to set goals on what you’re going to practice, and focus on the tasks – not the amount of time.  It’s easy to set a number (minutes) on practicing, but that can be a total waste of time if there is no direction on WHAT you are practicing or how you are going about it.

I have VERY specific things that I want to work on each day… specific tunes, chord progressions, exercises, etc.  So once I get going, I easily lose track of the time.  I let my chops tell me when to take a break.  Once I start feeling tired, air out, or am running out of mental steam, I stop.  This has been VERY beneficial…

Give it a try…

Tip #2 – Range!

Over the last two weeks I posted a couple of videos talking about ways to improve your range simply – no equipment changes, just habit changes.  I will repost the videos once again in the coming weeks, as I had to take one of them down because the link broke.  I apologize, and will have it up again.

In the first video, I discussed using a mirror and watching for movement on the chops.  Any tightening and loosening of the lips needs to be cleared up as that is one of the most damaging things to range.  Not damaging in a physical way, but more over that it wears down the chops and makes it feel like you’re blowing into a clogged tube.

Last week, I discussed horn angle… personally, I have to keep my horn angle downward as my jaw tends to stay back naturally.

To build your range, pay close attention to your habits… most of us use our lips to adjust air speed.  The more you can keep your lips relaxed and left to do the one job they were meant to do (vibrate), the happier everything (including you) will be.

“Learn to trust your own judgment, learn inner independence, learn to trust that time will sort good from bad – including your own bad.”

Doris Lessing
1919-2013, Author

Have a GREAT week –