Weekly Trumpet Tips 7/30/13

The Shadow

The Shadow

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Tip #1 – Warm Up video


Tip #2 – Enjoying Your Journey

Something that I’ve learned (especially recently again), is that it’s VERY difficult to “enjoy” your journey in the very beginning of it.  I’ve had many teachers, friends, and relatives tell me that I need to enjoy my learning journey.  But when you’re first starting out with something new, it’s almost too daunting to just get into a natural flow of enjoyment.

My most recent personal example is my journey with improvisation.  Since I’m older, and starting to really focus on my improvisation, I often feel like I’m behind where I really should be.  But then there are times that I have the realization that BECAUSE I’m older, I’m more focussed, and willing to make that long trek through the painful process of growing my craft!  In fact, just the other day, I was thinking about how there’s no way I would have stuck with this even 10 years ago.  I was just too far behind in a lot of other areas, and wasn’t really willing to look at them… it was too painful to face my weaknesses back then.

So in my quest to grow and learn, I’ve come to realize that the first step in “enjoying” the growth is to always celebrate the little triumphs.  For instance, when it started taking me only 40 minutes to run my arpeggio’s in all different forms vs. an hour, I knew I was making progress.  Was it huge?  NO!  Does it mean that I can now improvise solos like Arturo Sandoval, or Freddie Hubbard?  Not by a long stretch, but my understanding of the material was getting better and memorized deeper.  Clearly a great sign of improvement.

Just like when we were physically growing into adults, it was a slow, sometimes painful process that took literally from the time we were born until the moment you’re at in your life right this very second!

So my best advice is this – get OUT of the mentality that so many people seem to be trapped in of “Gotta have it NOW,” and start to understand that growth is truly something to celebrate everyday!

“It’s not what you do once in a while; it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.”

Jenny Craig
Weight Loss Guru

Have a GREAT week!