Weekly Trumpet Tips 7/26/16

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(1) Flugelhorn Sound Discussion

(2) Future of Weekly Tips

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Tip #1 – Flugelhorn Sound Discussion

I feel that in a lot of general cases of trumpet players, we aren’t really given any true “lessons” on how to play a Flugelhorn or how to develop a concept of sound on one.  My first experience as a kid on a flugelhorn was our band director barking out orders to “break out the flugelhorns!” I knew it was supposed to sound different, but was never really given any insight or instruction on “how to.”

So when I sat with Arturo back in January and we listened to one of the upcoming tracks on my quintet’s new release he gave me some invaluable advice on approaching the flugelhorn.  Most players come at the horn with the same facial set up as they do the trumpet and that automatically gives you an edgier sound than what the flugelhorn should have.  While it’s very closely related to the trumpet, it’s NOT a trumpet!

So I compiled a short video for you guys… the first section of the video is “California Twilight” on the upcoming CD that Arturo and I listened to back in January of my “then” sound.  The second half of the video is of me last week trying out the new Austin Winds Flugelhorn… in case you’re wondering, it’s amazing – and it’s $3,995.00!  Call Doug Mains if you’d like to place an order!

My concept has changed over the last 6 1/2 months through the advice of Arturo – and boy am I glad he said something!  I’m MUCH happier with my Flugelhorn sound NOW than I’ve ever been… and it’s only going to keep improving.  I’m noticing a lot of other players sound on flugelhorn is far too edgy for my new-found taste… BUT – keep in mind that this is an individually preferential thing.  Sound concept is as individual as hairstyles, attire, etc.  But – I think it’s the first of the BIG TWO listeners judge you by.  SOUND & RHYTHMIC APPEAL!  If it doesn’t “sound” good, they won’t listen.  If it has no rhythmic appeal – doesn’t “feel” good, they won’t listen!

Tip #2 – Future of Weekly Tips

As I had stated last week, I put together Trumpet Resources and the weekly tips to chronicle my growth as a trumpet player, offer products and services to other trumpet players who were in the same boat as I have been in years past and not knowing where to turn.  One of the most absolute frustrating things for me was the massive amount of disinformation out there vs. true hard cold facts that I could sink my teeth into.  Back then, the resources were there, they were just tough to find if you didn’t know where to look.

So this is where I turn to you, the reader of this weekly (or nearly weekly) blog and ask 2 questions… 1) Are the weekly tips valuable to you and if so, why?  2) What topics do you most want to discuss, read about, bring out into the open or just generally have analyzed?  My guess is that if you’re following this blog, you are just as much of a trumpet geek as I am… and THAT’S awesome!  Finding worthwhile topics to write about is becoming challenging and there are times I feel that I am merely sending my opinion out there vs. valuable information to you, the reader.

So if you can this week, take a minute and write me…

Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself. You may be surprised at how easily this happens. Your doubts are not as powerful as your desires, unless you make them so.

Marcia Wieder – Speaker and Author

Have a GREAT week!