Weekly Trumpet Tips 7/24/12

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Tip #1 – Just Because You’re Rowing A Boat, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Reach The Shore!

In the past few years that I’ve been writing tips, I’ve been forced to deeply think about the information I put out.  Is it accurate?  Will it really help someone else that’s walking a similar path with their trumpet playing?  One of the hardest yet most profound lessons I’ve learned was with my own practicing!  I learned that without being deeply conscious and getting as detailed as possible, your practicing won’t cause your playing to grow rapidly.

Rapid growth depends on how focussed your practice is on the details.  And the picture I got in my mind of this very thing was rowing a boat… you can row as fast and as furiously as you possibly can, but if your line of sight is skewed, or your battling a strong current without an accurate plan, your efforts will be mostly for not.

With that being said – take one exercise that you feel you can play well.  What can you do to take it to the next level?  Can your articulation be more smooth?  Can your time and approach to rhythm enhance the music?  What is ONE thing that you can do to change your playing forever?

ALWAYS have a practice plan, and understand that to make progress you have to become 100% set on working the smallest details without straying off course!

Tip #2 – Playing Everyday Does NOT Necessarily Mean You’re Practicing!

While we were in Europe, it was mandatory that I play everyday on some level.  Buzzing a mouthpiece, free lip buzzing, and playing with a silent Brass Yamaha practice mute was my steady diet of keeping my chops in shape during a 4 day break on the tour as well as traveling via bus and plane.  I did NOT have the luxury of being able to actually “PRACTICE” though.  To practice would have constituted that I sit down and actively work on something… improvisation, rhythm, fingers, tonguing, etc.  So I basically went into “maintenance mode” to sustain my chops.

It dawned on me that a great many players are only doing maintenance practice and expecting growth or improvement.  So ask yourself, are you doing the same playing daily with little conscious thought?  Or are you actively “practicing?”  I understand that these 2 separate tips relate heavily to each other, but I believe they are 2 separate topics in many people’s minds until they take a hard look at them individually.

What makes trumpet playing so difficult (aside from the misinformation that’s swirling about out there) is the idea that just blowing into the horn everyday will cause improvement through osmosis.  IF you plan on going this course for the next 2 centuries, then keep going… but if you’re looking for REAL growth quickly, push your practicing with details!  DISCLAIMER:  The word “quickly” is a relative term.  Months is quickly… not hours or days!

I wanted to give a special thank you and shout out to Matthias Isola for coming out to the show in Vienna, Austria!

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