Weekly Trumpet Tips 7/17/12

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Tip #1 – Inspiration All Around!

It seems as though all through my life I have had people come in and out of my life that told me that music is a dead end dream… going so far as to tell me that I will never have a family, a home, nothing to show for, and worse –

Yet – interestingly enough, this is my 5th trip to Europe as a performing artist (and CERTAINLY NOT my last)… I have played in front of audiences that didn’t speak a word of English, but the second the music starts, they are grooving in their space with just as much enthusiasm as anyone I’ve ever seen!  Where spoken language falls short, music picks up and runs the distance!

With that being said, don’t ever let anyone tell you that your dreams, desires, or goals are foolish or silly.  They are yours and yours alone.  Personally, I have been deeply moved by my trip and am going to lock myself in “The Shed” when I get home!  I am fortunate to have traveled with an amazing group of musicians and been able to meet so many WONDERFUL people 1/2 way across the world from where I live.

I want to give a “special” thank you to Matthias Isola for coming out to Reigen Jazz Club here in Vienna last night to hear our closing show.

I’ll be sure to post pictures here in the coming weeks as well as videos…

Tip #2 – REST Does Amazing Things for Your Face!

During this trip, we had 3 shows up front that were structured and pretty hard core.  Then, a week (6 days) down with only jam sessions and personal practice time and our last show that was structured this past Saturday night.

During the 6 days of rest, I observed my chops and their healing process from fatigue.  I noticed that the first 2 days were pretty much shock recovery.  By the 3rd day, things started rebounding nicely, and by the 4th and 5th days, I felt rejuvenated.

I do believe age is a factor, so for you younger Cats, recovery will most likely be much quicker… but when you hit a brick wall with endurance, flexibility, range, sound quality, etc. it’s really a pretty good sign that you need a break.

NOTE – I did NOT take a complete day off… rather, I just warmed up and did pedal tones, long tones, Clarke 1 &2, etc.  Not pushing anything too hard or high, and limiting my playing time to no more than 45 minutes for each day during the first 2 days.  I am NOT one of those players that can walk away from the horn for a day or two and be “okay” coming back… just doesn’t work.

“Steady, patient, persevering thinking will generally surmount every obstacle in search of truth.”

Nathanael Emmons
1745-1840, Theologian

Have a GREAT week!