Weekly Trumpet Tips 6/23/15

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Switching Mouthpieces

(2) Highlights From Estes Park

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Tip #1 – Switching Mouthpieces:

Switching mouthpieces can be a MAJOR hassle for trumpet players both young and old!  Understanding what you are after in that change can make things go a lot more smoothly than if you just take an “EXPENSIVE” impulsive plunge.

Before you make that switch, think about what it is that you’re wanting to gain from that change… if you’re like me, I was seeking better range and endurance – but you can actually make things FAR worse by making an impulsive switch to a new piece seeking that range!  Remember – a mouthpiece is a TOOL – NOT a solution to problems that will inherently follow you and can potentially get worse.

In 2004 when I was with Maynard Ferguson, I was introduced to Dave Monette and was instantly star struck because I was a fan of his fantastic / innovative designs.  What I didn’t understand was that his mouthpieces were DRAMATICALLY different from what I had been playing for years (a Warburton 4M and a #2 back bore).  Instantly I lost endurance and had problems far beyond what I ever imagined could happen!

My best advice is to stick with the same brand you currently play and change only one variable of the mouthpiece.  Switching manufacturers without having a good idea of how vastly different mouthpieces can be can be just as disastrous for you as it was for me.

Tip #2 – Highlights From Estes Park

Here is a video from the recent tour we did with Ed Calle… hope you enjoy!


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