Weekly Trumpet Tips 6/13/10

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips!

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A little about the book: Trumpet players tend to not see playing related in any way to a physical workout / sport.  So we’ve been meeting with personal trainers, doctors, etc. to find out the similarities in muscle response and conditioning – all to help YOU become a better player physically!  This is not something that I’ve seen personally in great detail and had a lot of mystery surrounding this topic in my own mind.

What we need: A Title that is both catchy and professional…

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Here are your weekly tips!

Tip #1 – Better Learning Strategies!

In weeks past, I’ve written about not letting what we “think” we know get in the way of new information as well as my beliefs that anyone who truly possesses the desire to play, can learn to do it professionally – beyond your own dreams!

One of the strategies I’m using personally is to look at the most miniscule details when I practice.  For instance – I REALLY try to watch my rhythm and timing a lot closer.  Since doing this, I have noticed something that I never really picked up on before… most (not all) musicians tend to rush quarter note rhythms.  They are just ever so slightly ahead of the beat.  As they get more tired from playing (or aren’t paying attention), they will start to rush even further ahead.  Another detail that I personally watch for is cleanliness in my articulations, slurring, and general passing from one note to the next.  Not allowing (or settling for) sloppy articulations or cracked / missed notes.

Remember – The Devil is in the Details!

Tip #2 – What do you REALLY Want?

If you know anything about my “story,” it’s obvious that I was steered away from my dream to be a pro player by “authority” type figures as a youngster.  So much so that I quit playing for nearly 3 years and had to start over from scratch.  I, like so many of you, KNEW from an early age that playing trumpet is what I wanted to do.  It’s what I dreamed of before I could even hold a horn.

When I quit, it was like a major part of me had just died… but I walked away because I believed the rhetoric that it was a bad career path and was only for the “lucky, talented, gifted, and natural players!”  As I started playing again, I was bargaining with myself… promising that I wouldn’t do it for a living because I wasn’t one of the chosen ones, etc.  This has become such an ingrained part of me that I STILL catch myself “bargaining” for what I really want.

My tip to you is – ask the 5 year old child deep within you “what do you really want!”  Chances are, you’ll get the answer of what you really do desire – and remember, don’t bargain or let the adult “logic” kick in.

“In my experience, there is only one motivation,
and that is desire. No reasons or principle
contain it or stand against it.”

— Jane Smiley: Pulitzer Prize—winning American novelist

Have a GREAT week!


Keith Fiala