Weekly Trumpet Tips 6/11/13

The Shadow

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Tip #1 – My Chops Test!

After taking a good “face-pounding” over the weekend, one of the ways that I test the chops is to do chromatic drills.  I run softly from Low C to Low F# a few times, then move up to second line G.  If I’m getting good response (no airy sound or airing out), I’ll continue up to Middle C and then on up to G above the staff.  Typically, if I’m a little beaten up, the top G won’t come out cleanly – if at all.

The best thing I can do is be patient!  If I rush this process, I will be setting myself up for trouble for the rest of the day.  So what I do is play softly in short runs, and take lots of breaks.  I don’t push anywhere beyond that G!  Once I get it to come out more effortlessly, I then move up to high C!  If it’s the same response, I do more of the same… not allowing myself to go any higher!

Patience is a MUST!

Tip #2 – Don’t Forget The Basics!

All too often I get asked, how can I build my range?  How do you learn how to play G’s, A’s, etc.  And for as many years and as hard as I tried, I always had to keep coming back to the basics.  Clarke, Arbans, Schlossberg, scales, and arpeggios.

Most of us look for a magic bullet – the end all answer to finally magically gaining an octave or more.  It’s hard work, determination, and consistency with the right exercises in the right manner that will get you where you want to go.

“Today’s excellence is tomorrow’s mediocrity; so keep pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence in everything you do.”

Dr. Hisham Abdalla

Have a GREAT week!