Weekly Trumpet Tips 5/30/10

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips

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Here is this week’s tips!

Tip #1 – Patience Is More Than A Virtue!

One of the hardest things that we as trumpet players have to endure and deal with is the fact that nearly everything we do takes time to build… time to establish the proper techniques, skills, and abilities.  Range is no different.  Usually in haste, we develop bad habits very quickly – and once something is habitualized it’s tough to reverse!  One of the most common habits I see is pinching lips to get to the upper notes vs. holding the aperture still and pushing the air.

When you practice, treat that time with tender care each and every day and realize that it is a cumulative effort to build your skills properly.

Tip #2 – Summer Is Here!

June 21st may be the first official day of summer, but the heat (at least in Texas) is climbing.  Keep this in mind as our activities return to the outdoors once again.  Dehydration is a big problem for trumpet players and extremely important as it will affect muscle fatigue, moisture in your mouth, and consciousness!  There’s not much worse than tumbling off the back of the band stand because we forgot to stay hydrated!

“You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations.”

Stevie Wonder
Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

Happy Memorial Day


Have a GREAT week!