Weekly Trumpet Tips 5/23/10

The Shadow

The Shadow

Welcome To Weekly Tips,

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Here is this week’s tips!

Tip #1 – To Learn More Quickly

Several weeks ago I wrote one of the tips about what we tend to think we “know” and how it affects our learning.  What I suggest is that while you are in the process of learning, forget about what you “know” and realize that you don’t have to be right all of the time.  To learn efficiently and effectively, we have to accept that we DON’T actually “know” everything and become more open to new information.  All too often as students, we get caught up in not wanting to seem weak or lacking in any way because of fear.  This fear is what will actually stifle your ability to grow and learn… causing the time that it takes to absorb new information to lengthen.

As a teacher of students from ages 8 up to 85, I see this particularly in the younger students that may not have ANY experience or knowledge in the current lesson, but they don’t want to appear “dumb” and therefore resort to saying and thinking “I know that!”

Tip #2 – Endurance Affects Range!

One of the misconceptions that trumpet players carry with them is that if they gain more range, they will gain more endurance automatically.  On the contrary – if you gain more endurance, you WILL stabilize and gain in range!  One of the exercises that I use is to play for extended lengths of time without taking the horn away from my face.  You don’t have to play extremely high at all as our goal is to look for duration and not range.  Playing for upwards of 8 to 10 minutes without removing the horn, will help condition the muscles to not fatigue prematurely during a performance.  Most importantly, you MUST rest after doing this exercise.  How much rest?  That depends on your conditioning and how your chops feel after resting for at least 10 minutes.  The length of rest needed will decrease as you do this exercise, but keep in mind that rest is equally as important!!!

I thought I would include another video this week for inspiration.  This is a video of Dizzy and Maurice Andre playing Groovin’ High… who said Maurice can’t swing?


Have a GREAT week!


Keith Fiala