Weekly Trumpet Tips 5/19/15

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Humidity

(2) Summer Practice

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Tip #1 – Humidity!

These past few weeks in Austin, TX have been extremely rainy and steamy, making outdoor gigs (and even some indoor with weak A/C units) miserable!  For me personally, I don’t fair well in high heat and humidity as my chops swell up and stop working.  As I’ve written about over the past few weeks, this is something that I try to combat with a good warm up and Aleve or advil only when I have to.

With the summer months upon us, it’s important to understand how your body (chops) react to the weather changes… some players fair very well in that climate.  My best advice is to allow yourself time to adjust to the conditions of the new season.  It can take a couple of weeks or so to get settled in… keep up with your routine and back off pressure or any other activities during playing that will cause premature swelling!

Tip #2 – Summer Practice

We’re getting close to the time that kids are out of school and won’t have the structure that a band program offers for consistent playing / practicing.  Summer can be a GREAT time to gain growth in your playing if you stay on it!  Working on sight reading, improvisation, range, endurance, etc. can all be beneficial and by the time the summer is over (and marching band kicks back up) you won’t be struggling to get the chops to work again.

Even if you’re an adult player, treat the summer like it’s time to pour on the gas and practice those things that you don’t do well.  Focussing on the weaker side of your playing in the practice room makes you grow (as uncomfortable and not-fun as it may be) and within weeks you’ll be surprised at what you CAN do!  Take your practicing one day at a time and focus forward!


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Have a GREAT week!