Weekly Trumpet Tips 4/5/16

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(1)  Concentration / Focus

(2)  Video Performance

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Tip #1 – Concentration / Focus

This past weekend was the 26th Annual Temple Jazz Festival and the end of a chapter for founder and director of the group; Tom Fairlie.  He started Temple Jazz Orchestra as well as the Temple Jazz Festival and the Temple Symphony… he’s done marvelous things for music and jazz in the Central Texas region!

I met Tom in 2007 and we’ve been friends ever since.  He’s helped me in many ways over the years, so being a part of his last performance with TJO (Temple Jazz Orchestra) was a bit emotional.  We do 2 sets and during the first set I was making really STUPID mistakes… small over all, but when the lead guy makes a mistake on an E above high C, it’s most likely gonna stick out a bit.

I was pretty mad at myself as I wasn’t really sure why I was making these mistakes that weren’t popping up in rehearsals.  We’d been playing this material since January… so it’s not like I couldn’t play it properly.  During our intermission, I took several deep breaths and decided that I was going to hyper focus and concentrate… block out ANY and ALL distracting thoughts.  The second set was great.

Afterward, I was really concerned as to why I was making these mistakes and had to really sit with it for a bit.  The conclusion that I came up with was that I was putting pressure on myself because this was Tom’s last big hoorah with the band… emotionally I was melancholy at best.

My point is this… if you’re in a performance and having an “off” night for one reason or another… you can always turn it around!  I saw Maynard first hand many times wipe his mind free of worries and just absolutely kill it on stage!  He was a true master at setting aside distractions from the performance and giving it his all!

Tip #2 – Video Performance

Attached below are 2 videos… the first one is an example of my rough first set.  The second is with vocalist Kevin Mahogany in the second set… I hope you enjoy!



Peace is to be found only within, and unless one finds it there he will never find it at all. Peace lies not in the external world. It lies within one’s own soul.

Ralph W. Trine – Author

Have a GREAT week!