Weekly Trumpet Tips 4/24/12


The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Here Are your Weekly Tips:

Tip #1:  Rhythm Rules!

One of the biggest “Ah-Ha” discoveries I’ve had as a teacher AND as a student is how trumpet players (primarily) spend most

of our time working the basics of creating sound… We work tone, range, flexibility, and other aspects ofgeneral sound production.

By spending time with a metronome and working rhythm, we can greatly enhance our ability to create music with our “sound!”

In the coming weeks I’ll discuss exercises that will help build a rhythm vocabulary quickly…

Tip#2:  More On Aperture!

I’ve discussed a lot about small aperture over the years, but I feel like it’s necessary to expound a bit more on the soft playing exercises as well as continually setting your aperture small but focused.  In short, set your lips close together inside the cup…  This requires FAR less tension to play – thus giving you better endurance, range, control, as well as tone.

If dreams are worth dreaming, they are worth striving for as well…

Have a GREAT week!