Weekly Trumpet Tips 4/16/13

The Shadow

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Tip #1 – Consistency is Key

For a great many people there is a lack of stamina and willingness to be consistent in whatever they are changing, working on, etc.  Let’s take this concept out of “trumpet terms” for a minute and put it in dieting terms.  For many, that is easier to relate to.  By willingly avoiding the fattening fried foods, sweets, etc. and eating less in portions, weight will come off.  The hard part is that we’re inundated with food!  Most of it BAD!  Turn on the TV, there’s a Wendy’s commercial.  Log on to the computer and find different ads on Facebook, Google, etc.  Not to mention the chemicals they use to addict us to these bad foods.

Now going back to trumpet terms – it’s easy to think, I practiced yesterday, so because I’m tired I’ll do it again tomorrow.  “I didn’t have time” is by far THE biggest excuse that we convince ourselves is reality.

Ignore the horn for a day, and it will ignore you for a week!  I don’t remember who made this comment in last weeks tips, but I really dug it!  Please claim it!

Tip #2 – There MUST Be A Payoff!

The release of my new CD is one of those accomplishments in my life that I’m extremely proud of because I worked my rear end off!  Not just on the production and recording of this CD, but on the over all playing abilities to create something that I was finally proud of.  I can’t tell you what it feels like to wake up and see your work on iTunes, etc.

This led me to realize that this has turned into a massive payoff for me in ways that I could only dream of.  It’s inspired me to practice in ways that never have before (read the consistency thing above).  It also inspired me to want to venture out of what was “safe” and allow me to venture into the unknown.

For you, think of what you could do with your playing that would make you stretch WAY outside your comfort zone and push you beyond your current believed limitations.  Staying on the porch and watching the big dogs run by won’t make you grow.

There once was a traveling insurance salesman that stopped at an old farmhouse where the farmer was relaxing on the porch with his old dog who was howling and moaning.  The insurance salesman upon hearing the commotion, asked what was ailing the dog.  The farmer said, “he’s laying on an exposed nail.”  The insurance salesman was bewildered and asked, “well, why doesn’t he move then?” The farmer replied, “it’s not uncomfortable enough to cause him to move.”

In many ways, people live the same way… we stay miserably comfortable.  We may dream of growing and changing, but that’s scarier than staying miserable in familiarity.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.'”

Mary Anne Radmacher
Author and Artist

Have a GREAT week!