Weekly Trumpet Tips 3/8/16

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1)  Consistency & Efficiency 

(2)  Range / Endurance Reduced?

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Tip #1 – Consistency & Efficiency

These are 2 things we are all striving for most of our playing lives.  Many chase these 2 attributes through gear and while gear DOES play a role in these, they do not 100% take the place of consistent and conscientious practice!

The right mouthpiece that fits the player and playing situation is a must… but you cannot look to a mouthpiece to fix all of your issues… whether it be for range, endurance or for better tone.  The mouthpiece IS a factor but proper practice and playing approach will only fix the remainder of the issues.  Tightening and loosening the aperture inside the cup is not going to be fixed by a mouthpiece change, and in fact can become worse if you’re not conscious of it.

Approach your practice like an athlete… allow for a good solid work load, but then allow for ample rest and recovery time so that the muscles have a chance to grow.  This is a long process and cannot be rushed…

Tip #2 – Range / Endurance Reduced?

Ever have one of those playing days where it just feels flawless?  Imagine – everything you go for just comes out effortlessly… your sound, your projection, your endurance… all just seems effortless.  THEN – the VERY NEXT DAY – NOTHING!  ALL GONE!  But yet… your chops feel fine.  Can’t figure out why thins just aren’t working the same way?

Chances are your chops are worn down from the previous “effortless” day.  What we DO NOT have are actual pain receptors in our lips to tell us that our chops are fatigued.  Unlike our arms, legs, etc. that indicate to us when they are worn down, our chops do not.

The HUGE mistake that I used to make is that I would just keep beating my chops senselessly… and add insult to injury.  So – when this happens to you (awesome day or not prior), don’t go hard on the chops.  Allow for rest and they will always come back stronger!

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Have a GREAT week!