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(1)  Lip Health (video)

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Tip #1 – Lip Health  (video)

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Tip #2 – Ron’s Tip

Going over things is never enough !
Helllo everyone! last week  I gave you  a short quick review. What i would really like to stress to all of you interested jazz students, to go over the past weekly tips that I have written. You can actually start from day one last September. The most important thing in learning music is repetition. When you want to get a passage correct , what do you do? You practice it till it is correct, So the same thing goes for my weekly tips that are in the archives. This can become very fun and productive. I have given you the step by step preliminary course for jazz that was given to me over years by my teacher in jazz years ago.This is the exact same improvisation course given by the Manhattan School of Music. I would love for you to start and take tip # 1 go over it for a couple of days. If you feel you have it down then move onto Tip #2 and so on. You will find this constructive and educational. Especially fr those who just may be seeing this for the first time and want to go over and try to catch up. Let me let you know what I do for my practice sessions each day. There is never a day that goes by where I don’t practice my basic triads across the board. Or my 8 progressions of chords in different inversions..  Lets; talk once again about Triads and how important they are to know. There are only 4 Triads. Major , Minor Diminished, and Augmented. It’s that simple to start. I have given you the Numbers that designate each note. For example the Major triad is 1-3-5 . So in the key of C Major, the notes  would be  C-E-G , Minor would be 1-flat 3-5, and Diminished is 1- flat 3- flat 5. and the Augmented Triad is 1-3 -Sharp 5. Put in place the designated notes to make each Triad. Now you can put these four Triads in their inversions, So let’s take the Major in it’s 1st inversion, that would be 3-5-1 Minor is Flat 3-5-1 , Diminished is flat 3-flat 5-1 and Augmented would be 3-sharp 5-1. Now I will leave this upto t you for your homework to put them n their 2nd inversions. Don’t forget to put the actual notes of the Triads which is picked from the Major Scale. Now we have 12 Major Keys so you can and i would expect for you to learn all the Triads in each key. So not only C Major , You can try these in the key of D flat Major  D Major  E flat  Major, E Major, F Major and so on. The key to this is to learn them across in time with a v metronome. You can use your foot to tap it . I prefer slow 1/8 notes in time. To be very good at this You can go across in the root. then the 1st inversion and then when you learn the second inversion, i feel you should be getting the hang of it. It’s easy !.Just takes a little thinking. Try not to do it sloppy. Use good tone and intonation. Concentrate. The challenge of learning these building blocks to a chord is what makes it fun. To hear these Triads and to play them with conviction is the key I left you with a video a couple of weeks ago.  Skylark by Freddie Hubbard.Listen to it and try to memorize it note for note. Feel free to give me some feedback. Would love to hear from you.See you next week her on trumpetresources.com.
sincerely yours, Ron Tenore

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