Weekly Trumpet Tips 3/5/13

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Tip #1 – Build In REST Continued!

As we discussed last week, rest is an important component of building strength.  When I am fatigued, more than just my range and endurance drops!  My reading, improvisation, fingers, etc. all go right out the window!  Largely (I think) because my mind subsconsciously focusses on how difficult it is just to produce sound, so I’m no longer able to send the proper data to my fingers, etc. to get the right notes and rhythm’s played.

Another practice suggestion that I would like to offer is to do “OFF HORN” exercises.  Finger only – through exercises, chord progressions, etc. with a metronome.  If you sight-sing the pitches along with it, you’re also having to work on your ear training a bit more too.  While this does NOT replicate exact practice while playing, it does give you a chance to fine-tune your fingering, timing, etc. and get things moving a little quicker than if you were to just forgo practicing all together!

Tip #2 – Efficient Practice – More Ideas!

As a follow up, we were also discussing last week, ways to work on 1 exercise that will focus on more than 1 end goal.  This week, let’s take a look at multiple tonguing.  Using the Arban’s Book Page 155, play the exercise single tongue first.  Try to play it as legato as possible but still have a clear definition to each beginning note.  When you triple tongue (DA-DA-GAH), try to keep that same legato style going.  This will help smooth out your articulation pattern and not change the triplet rhythm…

Once you can play the exercises smoothly, move them up the octave.  These exercises are in F Major for us, so if you cannot play up to a high F, move the pattern down to a major scale key that you can comfortably play 2 octaves.  Triple tongue in the upper register using the same smooth articulation pattern… don’t sacrifice cleanliness, musicality, and accuracy for a high note.

You’ll find that as you do this, you’ll develop MUCH more control over tonguing, AND upper range, as well as endurance.  I believe the key to great range, endurance, and over all control is approaching things as relaxed mentally as possible.  If something makes you uptight in your mind, it will transfer to you physically.

“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”

Bob Proctor
Speaker and Author

Have a GREAT week!