Weekly Trumpet Tips 3/27/12

The Shadow

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Here Are your Weekly Tips:

Tip #1 – Warm Up That Saved The Day!

As I had written last week, I was facing a show that kinda freaked me out a bit because it was by FAR the hardest show I’ve ever played… both in range and endurance, it was a tail kicker!

Saturday night’s performance went great… our guest artist is Arturo Sandoval’s “go to” tenor man; Ed Calle!  Here’s what amazed me – I was up by 8:30AM (thanks to Jack the dog) and started my warm up “strategy” by 9AM.  We were due on stage at 2:45 to sound check and then perform at 4PM.  The chops felt stronger on the last performance than they did the night before!  Here’s what I did:

I started off with 2nd line G as soft as I could played it for roughly 4 slow beats, slurred down to F# for another 4 beats, and then slurred back to G for roughly 8 counts.  I then descended chromatically down – F# / F / F# – F / E / F, etc.  I would space each grouping apart by at least 30 seconds, and continued to play as absolutely soft as possible.  This routine went on (back and forth) for over 2 hours.

I then put ALL horns and mouthpieces back in the case and didn’t touch the horn until just a couple minutes before sound check.  Amazingly enough, everything felt centered, relaxed, and just solid!

While this is an EXTREME warm up example, I took the time to really get the chops to start to respond as normal.  Give this a try for your next big performance!

Video – 

So, this is less of a tip, but it is a chance to give you guys and gals a glimpse into the world of Ed Calle… enjoy!


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