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Tip #1 – Soft Warm Up (video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tips

Jazz studies were Priceless to me!
Hello Everyone! Well here we are back on Keith Fiala’s trumpet resources. What a great thing to hear  what different pro’s like Keith have to say each week, and I hope that over the past 5 months or so young musicians have gotten something out of my pre-jazz improvisation course. I do want to continue here to show how this course offered to me over a period of years, has influenced my playing  ability and can hopefully help and maybe influence you,some of the young jazz players of tomorrow.
Working with great jazz players and educators like Bob Arthurs from the Westchester Conservatory over my young career was such a great thing. Knowing that each week while studying in this conservatory, how i wanted so badly to be able to improvise. Somehow I knew that this man Bob who sat in his chair in the back room of this mansion( conservatory) on Gedney Way in white Plains, NY was going to inspire me with a knowledge that would stay with me forever. I remember him asking me,”What is the definition of a Conservatory?”  I was caught by surprise. I could not get the words out. Bob said It is the place or building where concentrated studies will take place. In this case it is music.  So this music Conservatory was a place that I can go every week and study my craft, while I also had to take other courses outside of music in this college course.
What Bob also said to me which i mentioned in one of my September-October weekly Tips was ” From this day forward you will not need anything but your trumpet, a small notebook to copy Triads and chords and and tunes that i will be having you jot down. But the other thing that he said to me was that probably changed my life was. Everything I play or explain to you will be done through your ears. When we started to talk about Triads, we weren’t going to unless we knew some scales. When i say some i mean all of them in 12 keys  major, melodic, minor and Harmonic minor. These are jazz minors much different than the natural minors you would learn in legit classical music. Now don’t get me wrong from time to time i will be talking about classical tongueing and book work in the Arban Book, St jacomes, Schlossberg  and others that when mastered correctly can benefit you in every aspect of your playing. Even in jazz. Now Bob was more or less just a jazz teacher ,but growing up from age 6 to age13 most of my studies were just repetitious classical or legit playing.
The scenario I wanted to convey to you this week is how my teacher Bob who studied and received his degrees from the Manhattan school of Music  gave me this information each week for over 14 years as i studied with him for 4 years in a conservatory then continued with him privately because the education was priceless. given each week here on Keth’s site that knowledge of a basic  Triad ( 4 Triads) , the inversions of these triads in their root positions,  and their 1st and second inversions. Why do I keep harping on this ? Well they must be learned or we cannot go any further to learn chords, Scales, yes  scales. we also talked for a good segment of the Rons tips to learn 3 scales a week . Now that’s not too hard. Learn all 12 in 5 weeks. Learn them with a metronome. slowly.
Remember “it’s harder to play somethng slowly on the trumpet or any  physical instrument  for that matter than fast’, As far as scales we also talked about playing them with inflections where every other note in the scale is played louder than its previous note, So you will go from soft to loud with every two notes of the scale. Are you getting this? Make sure you let me know by responding to my Ron’s Tips.  Then there are the 8 progressions of chords which if you did the work on the previous Triads, then you will understand. This part  will be fun and you will finally see why we needed to learn the triads. Then the next step in this course would be to learn a tune, a jazz ballad preferably for beginners. such great tunes could be “skylark”, maybe played  by Freddie Hubbard. Or “all the things you are” or something a little faster and harder which I don’t suggest until later named “Hot House” which is played by almost every great jazz player. This process will give something each week to work on while something new will be given. Then we can reach the pinnacle of a tune and start improvising. Listening is a must which i conveyed a couple of weeks ago .  Please go back to all my weekly tips on the Weekly archives and choose the one you want to work on. Get back to me and give me you input so we can move forward to the improvisation. I will be ready to start the first actual improvisation in half notes as soon as i hear from one of you who feel they are ready.
I will also offer different videos they can resort to that i may feel will be very helpful.
Next week i hope to hear from some of you and i will have a video you can listen to as your first jazz tune to memorize. and play.
See you next week
Sincerely yours, Ron Tenore

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Have a GREAT week!