Weekly Trumpet Tips 2/28/17

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(1)  No Magic (video)

(2) Ron’s Tip – 

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Tip #1 – No Magic  (video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tip

IF there is a will, there is a way>  
 Dear Keith and Co. My apologies. My mother is having a kidney procedure done. I did not want to let my jazz followers down but we have been busy with this.
Now I do believe that the future looks pretty good and I am a believer if there is will, then there is away in Music. Remember I changed my embouchure at age 21 after playing for thirteen years prior to that time. My tip for this week is short but to the point. Each time you feel you have hit a wall , Take a break! This will Keep the CHOPS Fresh. Maybe it may be for a day or two, but every muscle needs to be broken down to be built back up. No muscle can get stronger unless it tires first. I always believed that but Listening to Keith is so welcoming  Breaking down lip tissue  is the only way you can build up lip tissue.Just like a body builder but I like to believe that a light warm up is effective. Pedal tones are great  after a tough night and you can find these tips each week with Keith Fiala or myself. I do like Keith’s videos I will continue our surge to start improvising each week here on trumpetresources.com Remember  Don’t Overblow You may fall down 7 times but that eighth time you may be on your way ( Denzel Washington)
Sincerely yours Ron Tenore

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life … Do that.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneur

Have a GREAT Week!