Weekly Trumpet Tips 2/2/16

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(2) Arturo Playing My New Horn / More Advice!

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I was blessed enough to be able to spend time with Arturo Sandoval and Wayne Bergeron (amongst many other friends as well) while visiting L.A. this last week / weekend.  And it’s always great to get new things to work on that just kick me in the butt… HARD!

Arturo was showing me a few things to start working on… and in the course of doing so, he smiled and said, “of course it’s your choice to take my advice or not.”  I think he knows by now that I listen to EVERYTHING he says… it’s pure madness not to!  Then he said this… “Some people choose to not practice the right things or sometimes not at all.  But somewhere in the world, you can bet someone else is making the choice TO practice and will get better!”  I couldn’t help but flash back to a time where I wasn’t practicing consistently and / or the right things!  WOW…

It’s now my opinion that no matter how tired, fed up, frustrated or just down right unmotivated you may feel, pick up the horn and do 10 minutes.  Heck – a bad stomach ache will incapacitate you (or at least send you to one special room) for that long!  Push the things you cannot do… growth is always difficult to some degree.

Tip #2 – Arturo Playing My New Horn / More Advice!


Right after this video was shot, Arturo leaned back in his chair, puffed his cigar – smiled and said, “GREAT HORN!  Now you have no more excuse!”  That was great!  It was funny, but at the same time – very profound.  Sometimes we get new gear and expect it to carry the load for us.  So the next time you get new gear, let it hold inspiration for you… now the hopes and prayers that it fixes or gives you something you didn’t have before.  I see this with a lot of young kids (myself included at that age) thinking that a new mouthpiece or a new horn will fix their range issues.  No gear will “fix” what you haven’t conquered.  I bought this horn because it felt great in my hands and I blend EXTREMELY well with my tenor player!  But… it didn’t “fix” anything.

“Follow your passion to find your purpose!”
– Sue Krebs

Have a GREAT week!