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Tip #1 – Pushing Corners Forward  (video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tip

Learning and buildng a library of solos
Welcome back everyone.Over the past week I decided to get to something I think will be so helpful before we start improvising. When I took lessons with the great William Vacchiano for 14 years, even though he was considered the guru of classical music around the world. I remember him telling me in 1991 that when he was a boy growing up in Maine that before you would actually pick up the trumpet, his teacher made him take a solfeggio course for one year.That meant he would look at a piece of music and sing the notes such as Do- re-mi-fa-sol- la-si.  Do being C,- re being D, -mi being an E and so on.The different rhythms would be learned by singing them before he would actually take on the trumpet. Wherever he went  even on a train he would read the music page and try to substitute the note with the designated syllables such as do -re- mi, etc. This would teach him to be able to read music and get a head start with site reading , and by the time he picked up that cornet or trumpet. reading music would become much much  easier.
IT’s the same thing with jazz improvisation, If you listen to different solos by different legendary players, you would then have that collection in you head as to what different trumpet players sound like t the same time you are developing a keen ear for music transcription. So what I recommend for the beginning improviser as I have been saying since October here on Kieth’s trumpetresources.com is to listen. to a solo. A not too hard of a solo. Probably a  jazz ballad like Skylark by Freddie Hubbard. SO i am leaving the link to that solo here with you today.  Go to Freddie Hubbard / Skylark on you tube. YOu should be able to click onto this from this link.
It’s online You should listen to this for about a week over and over maybe 30 minutes each day. Then I will ask you to sing this solo as the next step . But for now Listen to this great balladeer. You will start now to build that library of solos in your head. Try to see what he is doing, and how he is bending each no and how he uses vibrato as well as try to detect his style and sound. this will take some time. This was one of  my first solos I took on in jazz school that was given to me by my jazz teacher Bob Arthurs. Eventually our goal will be to have you play this exactly the way Freddie plays it.Then we will move onto another.  remember Go back to my weekly archives from last September and take one each eek and learn all the triads and and inversions, scales etc. and read each of my lessons so you can brush up and go over what I am trying to convey here . So good luck with this solo. these  Tips on Keith Fiala’s site are priceless and should be seriously studied each week. Please let me know how you did with this Good luck and see you next time on trumpetresources.com
Sincerely yours , Ron Tenore

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