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(1)  Over Blowing Leads To… (video)

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Tip #1 – Over Blowing Leads To… (video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tip

Dear Tipsters!
         Would love to give a shout out to Vince who I understand wanted to know more about the foolproof method of Circle of 5ths and 4ths. here on trumpetresources.com  I will always get back. Vince, sorry if I took a little longer to get this to you. I found this video to be one of the mos informative as well as easy to understand.u can go onto this if you ‘d like.You can click onto  Music Theory 101 Part 1A with the permission of Keith of course.
First of all to play jazz and to eventually improvise it is important to know some theory.  continued……………….
This video on theory that I am offering here is so necessary in regards to knowing your keys. .knowing all 12 keys is a must as well as knowing the scales and how to play them. Yes we have been talking about improvising and there is no one more that wants to start showing  each of you interested jazz enthusiasts how to improvise more than  me to show you  how to do it, but this takes application . Have you been going to my weekly tips in the archives here?  Have you learned your Triads? Your inversions? And how about all those scales that I had asked you to learn? If not Please resort back to my weekly tips. Take one at a time a see how you do.
And this is and will be and was given to you  from my knowledge out of one of the finest Jazz conservatories in new York. the Manhattan school of Music  You should know and be able to spot a key signature just by seeing how many sharps and flats that are on the paper. But this method that I am showing you  gives a better interpretation to the musician through the division and breakdown of the 5ths and 4ths. This video analyzes the construction a major scale. My role here on Keith Fiala’s site each week is to educate you with  the most common method of jazz improvisation. Last week we talked about “the language of jazz and how to listen and why it is so important. Then there were the Triads, scales and the 8 progressions of chords which is a lesson in itself.
SO my message this week is a little shorter than normal but I always stress the same thing.You must learn the basics to jazz improvisation. You can grasp the fundamentals of music that are so important. always by  listening to Keith each week for his videos which are so good. But this week I thought I  would play Vince’s request. I found someone who i know and admire as an educator. Watch  the video and please let me know how you liked it. I would love to get our responses. Also let me kn w when you feel you would like to start slowly improvising on a tune. It’s time to hear from my readers and get to know what they want. Just the way Vince did with this Video. thanks Vince.
Sincerely yours,
Ron Tenore

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