Weekly Trumpet Tips 1/29/13

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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Tip #1 – Learning Things – You Still Have To “Understand” The Message!

As my own playing grows from practicing, continuing to take lessons, etc. I find that just taking lessons and receiving information is only half the game.  The other half is processing that information in a way that is digestible for each individual.

By putting what you’ve been shown immediately into action, you can start the process of digesting new material… one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made (as a student) is to hold off on “working in” the new material or methods.  This then can cause “interpretation” to happen because we’ve let too much time pass.

The other part of it is to ask questions during the lesson so that you can get a clearer picture in your own mind.  A teachers responsibility is to give the student information to help them grow and in a way that each student will understand.  A GREAT teacher will understand that every student learns slightly (or sometimes drastically) different from the next.  So as a student, asking questions is NOT a crime, and should be embraced by both teacher and student.

If you’re not clear when you leave the lesson, then there is a communication break-down that needs to be addressed!

Tip #2 – The Music Business & The REAL Reason People Fail! 

It’s no secret that I ran from my musical dreams early on.  Having people tell me that the music business was very hard to get into, I’d starve, I’d have countless problems, etc.  When I finally “went” for my musical career, I started out only half-heartedly.  I didn’t fully believe in myself, my music, or my abilities… so therefore, I never really practiced the things I NEEDED to.  While I found safe haven in a cover band and teaching private lessons, it wasn’t until I went on tour with Maynard that I got a dose of the medicine that I truly needed!

Here’s what I’ve learned… the music business is tough!  But so is EVERY OTHER BUSINESS out there if you don’t apply yourself!  I know more broke attorney’s than I’d care to.  My conditioning used to be that if someone got a law degree, passed the bar, etc. that they’d automatically become wealthy / financially secure.  Nothing can be further the truth!  Bottom line is if you don’t treat your business like a professional, you won’t be successful.

Tip #2 this week is really pretty simple… take your practicing, and gigs seriously!  Drinking should be done OFF stage AFTER the show, and always maintain a professional attitude.  Oh – and BE A NICE PERSON!  One sure way to NOT work is be an A-HOLE!  My Grandpa told me years ago – it takes YEARS to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it!

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

— Nelson Mandela: South African anti-apartheid activist and politician

Have a GREAT week!