Weekly Trumpet Tips 12/8/15

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Wandering Mouthpiece?

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Tip #1 – Wandering Mouthpiece?

This is such a HUGE problem for a great many players that I decided to devote the entire weekly tips to this one issue!  What I am asking you with the “wandering mouthpiece” title is, does your mouthpiece tend to slide up toward your nose while playing?  Especially longer lines or during classical etudes?

This was such a HUGE problem for me at one point that I had no clue as to what was causing it and therefore was absolutely clueless as to how to fix it.  Cause if you don’t know exactly what’s wrong, you won’t find the exact solution… and the shotgun approach isn’t always the best!

I would be playing etudes out of the Brandt book, Charlier, Arban’s, etc. and would have to stop to reposition the mouthpiece back down… lower on my top lip and add back in bottom lip.  Sound familiar?  If you’re experiencing this problem it has EVERYTHING to do with lips moving inside the mouthpiece which is creating an insecure seal between your lips and the mouthpiece and is basically allowing the mouthpiece to walk up to your nose…

Back when this was an issue, I wasn’t aware at all that my lips were moving inside the cup!  We don’t really have any kind of “receptors” to indicate movement, and the longer you’ve played this way, the harder it is to recognize the issue.  Many players just “live” with it.  But I can tell you, it’s causing a lot more issues than just a wandering mouthpiece!

If you’re serious about fixing this issue, you really need to check out my “Big Problems / Simple Solutions” course.  Let’s go a step further!  I did a “Black Friday” special on this particular course and had a phenomenal response.  I’m going to offer that SAME exact deal once again… this time, I’ll extend the offer as a Christmas / Holiday season special and it will be good until January 2nd, 2016!

Here’s what you do… if you want this course, email me at bugsytrumpet@gmail.com and title the email “Big Problems 75”  I will in turn, send you a PayPal invoice for the course and once the invoice is fulfilled, I will send you this 6 week course each week.  I’ll even go one step further… I’ll throw in a consultation as well!  I believe in this course because this is the exact stuff that fixed a ton of issues for me!  Everything from wandering mouthpiece to better range, increased endurance, more power, better flexibility and better intonation throughout the registers!

“As we learn in the Zen philosophy, when you learn to “let go” of problems instead of resisting with all your might, your life will begin to flow.”

– Richard Carlson:  American author

Have a GREAT week!