Weekly Trumpet Tips 12/7/10

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips!

Please always feel free to respond / comment on any of the tips listed in these weekly posts.  Your input may help clarify details for someone else!

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Here Are your Weekly Tips:

Lose The Tension In Your Top Lip!

I touched on this last week but wanted to bring it forward again because I had a great experience focussing on this very thing.  By maintaining a relaxed set with my top lip and not allowing it to tense and release as I ascend and descend from one range to another.  My endurance was spot on for a 4 hour show Saturday night and again for a Sunday evening show… by doing this one simple thing, you are essentially forced to start using your air more efficiently and thus putting into play what many of the great players always talked about.

Try this – Start on G below the Staff and ascend up to G above the staff without changing valves or tonguing.  Then climb up the G major scale – doing 2 octave leaps on each scale tone.  Ascend as far up as possible.  Find where the tension starts.  Comment this week and let us know how it works for you!

Talent is a VERY Misunderstood Word!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my adulthood it’s that many of our words and their meanings have been skewed in recent times.  To most (including me until recent times) I was under the impression that talent meant being “born” with a certain aptitude or skill set relating to music, instruments, art, acting, sports, etc.  What I’ve learned through interaction with greats such as Maynard Ferguson, Arturo Sandoval, and other trumpet heros, talent and natural ability comes down to having the devotion and dedication to our craft.  I once heard a comedic ventriloquist say that the one thing that bothered him the most was all the people who were calling him “the new guy” on the scene.  He said that most didn’t see or care about the 30 + years he spent honing his craft and working day and night to make his mark.

All too often we forget about the hard work that each and every one of us (including the trumpet stars) have had to endure just to get where we are or want to be.

So the next time you listen to someone who blows your mind with their abilities, just remember that it was their dedication and devotion to their craft that got them there.  And you are no different!  Just as talented, and just as deserving of those abilities!

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”

Muhammad Ali
Three-Time World Heavyweight Champion Boxer

Have a GREAT week!