Weekly Trumpet Tips 12/6/16

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(1)   Practice Room Fear (Video)

(2) Ron’s Tip – Improvisation

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Tip #1 – Stay Musically Active! (Video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tips

Why I am introducing jazz, and why you .
Dear fellow trumpet players; So far I reached my 12th week on this Wonderful site by Keith Fiala. I hope whoever has listened and read my tips will keep abreast of what  am trying to do .The course I will be giving over the next few weeks and months is straight out of the Manhattan School of music. This course that i highly believe in as well as it is a  legitimate education of jazz will step by step educate the student on how to improvise My purpose is to educate all who would like to learn what a structured jazz course consists of. i started on September 9th here on Keith Fiala’s website My goal is to familiarize the student interested in jazz to one day be able to improvise on a tune or number of standard tunes made famous by the past great players. such as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis , Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan just to name a few. Taking jazz lessons will help you as an all around musician.
It gives  a musician the chance to broaden their horizons in music. The improvisation part of the course is what we are looking to do. By learning what a triad is and then learning all your scales as well you will know chords and the construction of chords. which.is imperative when learnign the art of jazz,you will becoame awell rounded individual.Not only in music but in life itself.. Yes it is an art but it also has structure,meaning you go from the beginning of a song ; put the chords to it then start improvising . So it is so important to go back to the weekly archives and try to work on the how to and when  things i have spoken about. Soon by doing the neccesasry preliminary work in this course that i have been giving,, the jazz student will know how to start improvise.NExt week my tip will most likely be on the rhytms of jazz when improvising.these rhyms consist up of your basic musical  that we learned in grammar school. Those rythms are 1/4 note, half notes,  eight note, triplets 1/16 notes.with inflected scales.These rhytms will be the backbone to jazz improvisation. If you need any questions asked, then please do. i would like to send this message to all  who are reading my tips, .This week I wanted to just let everyone think about what is available in these archives in regards to what to expect next week.
So my message to all of you is “do the work and reap the rewards music has to ioffer.” See you all next
Sincerely yours Ron Tenore

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Have a GREAT week!