Weekly Trumpet Tips 1/24/12

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips!

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Here Are your Weekly Tips:

Tip #1 –  Patience is a MUST!

I once asked my grandfather “what’s the easiest and fastest way to get something done?”  His response?  “Have someone else do it for you!  BUT – that’s NOT the best way.”  As I have traveled through my years, it always amazes me as to how many different things compare directly to music and trumpet playing!  To be great, you HAVE to have the tenacity, patience, and just downright stubbornness required to learn the millions of little things required to be a great player, great carpenter, great engineer, great car body man, etc.  The list is ENDLESS!

So for this week’s first tip – I’m devoting it to absolute patience!  Patience not only in your practicing, but more for yourself and your particular learning style.  How do you best learn new things?  Are you more of a visual person?  Do you have to write something out and memorize it?  There is no right or wrong answer because we’re all different.  We all learn in different ways.

Be patient enough with yourself to figure out how you learn best.  That goes for ANYTHING!  Then, allow yourself to go through the learning process and don’t get impatient… growth takes time.  That’s all we really have anyway – time.

Tip #2 – Pedal Tones

I had a younger student email me this week asking me about pedal tones and if they were “harmful” or not.  The first question that popped into my mind was “who’s this kid been talking to?”  Pedal tones are a GREAT tool because they show you what kind of finesse is really required to play them properly.

Often you’ll hear players reference that if you can play Pedal C and below, you’ll be able to play in the high register as well.  The big disconnect for most is the extreme between the two.  When in actuality – you have to understand how “delicate” playing in the upper register really is.  Think about it – just a TINY bit too much pressure and nothing comes out.  Just the slightest close down on the aperture and your tone goes south and your power is decreased by 80% or more.

If you’ve gotten away from, quit, or never did pedals – take time out to do them.  As trumpet players, we need that kind of relaxation for the chops and we need to understand the “delicate” touch required for both upper and lower register playing!

“Each of us must experience one of two pains – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Which pain will you choose?”

Jim Rohn
1930-2009, Author and Speaker

Have a GREAT week!