Weekly Trumpet Tips 12/17/13

The Shadow

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

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 Tip #1 – Video Tip


Tip #2 – TUNE UP!

This is something that I don’t really talk too much about, largely because when you play with the same group of musicians for a while, you get familiar with everyone’s tendencies.  And because in the horn section I was working with, we understood the power of tuning, there was never an issue really.

But as I play in more variant situations with other horn players both young and old, I am surprised as to how many guys really don’t take the time to find and get to know the pitch center.  For myself, I spend time with a tuner (not as often as I once did) just to check my tendencies.  When I’m tired (see above video) my tuning is affected.  Cold will make you go flat, and heat will make you go sharp.  So I want to know where pitch center is so that I can at least get close.

As rudimentary as this may sound, it’s shocking as to how many players (not just trumpet) ignore the finer details of playing in tune.

So this week’s Tip #2 is to spend some time with a tuner, but do more than just play a 2nd line G or a middle C!  Take a piece of music that your working on and pick random spots to stop on and check to see where you land tuning wise.  I’ll bet you’ll be surprised… it’s a great training tool that will make you think about more than just the notes and the rhythm’s, and THAT starts you on a brighter path to being a better musician!

“Thoughts become things.  If you see it in your mind,

you will hold it in your hand.”

Bob Proctor – Author and Speaker

Have a GREAT week!