Weekly Trumpet Tips 12/15/15

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(1) Practice Consistency Wins The Race!

(2) Simple Ways To Improve Various Skills

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Tip #1 – Practice Consistency Wins The Race!

One of the issues I’ve had throughout my playing life is that I work on something for a while, don’t see the progress or the results that I want and I stop working on what ever it is that I’m attempting to improve.  Whether it be Clarke Studies, solo changes, learning a tune, or improving double tonguing, range, etc. I’ve found that by being consistent and not setting a deadline for yourself to have something accomplished, you will always come much further than you expect.  Impatience has always been my undoing… especially when it comes to patience with me!

Tip #2 – Simple Ways To Improve Various Skills

Honestly, the first tip is directly tied to this tip – in the way that working on varying skills and using the word “practice” has always set me up to fail.  Let’s use multiple tonguing as one of those skills – as a kid and for years of my adulthood I have come in and out of practice times that I devote time and energy to working on multiple tonguing.  And without fail, I usually get aggravated, discouraged or just plain old tired of working on something that feels like it won’t improve.

Here’s what I discovered… by “practicing” multiple tonguing, I was in essence “forcing” improvement.  Force negates… so I took the advice of a Grand Master musician and instead started using my warm up time to incorporate working on skills that are lacking.  Now, instead of “practicing” I warm up.  I save my practice time for things that do need work but don’t frustrate me or I know I won’t just get discouraged on and give up.

A simple change of mindset can be all that is needed at times to keep us on path!

Life is a lot like jazz…it’s best when you improvise.

George Gershwin – 1898-1937, Composer and Pianist

Have a GREAT week!