Weekly Trumpet Tips 12/14/10

The Shadow

Welcome To Weekly Trumpet Tips,

For the past several weeks, we’ve been working away at a cover design for the new book “About Face.”  We’ve finally landed on a design and we should be off to press within the next week to 2 weeks (I know, here we go again).  But this has been the major hold up and we’ve leaped that hurdle!  Thanks so much for your patience… I know you won’t be disappointed!

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Please always feel free to respond / comment on any of the tips listed in these weekly posts.  Your input may help clarify details for someone else!

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Here are your weekly Tips!

Tip #1 – There is NO shame in 8vb!!!

The most common thing that excites a lead player is seeing “8VA!”  8 voicing’s above (or take it up an octave).  But what about when you’re spent and your just trying to manage to get to the end of the show?  Maynard once told me – there is no shame in 8VB, so take it down if you’re spent!  His advice to me after a long run at Ronnie Scott’s – we were all shot and very tired from 2 shows a night for 5 straight nights.

Better to be kind to the chops and live to play another day, then to end up like Freddie Hubbard who pressed on against the advice of colleagues and physicians.  Read more about this in the upcoming release of “About Face!”

Tip #2 – Keep The Chops Healthy!

This may seem like a common sense tip to most, but I’m truly surprised by the number of trumpet players that don’t wear any kind of lip protection with the varying weather changes throughout the seasons.  This time of year, it’s extremely dry here in Austin, TX.  So I am keeping plenty of Egyptian Magic on the lips.  Remember to keep hydrated with water (primarily) as other sugar laced drinks tend to add to the drying affect.  Little simple things like this can truly put a damper on a performance!

What do you use?  Chop Saver?  What other brands have you found that work best for you?

“Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.”

W. Clement Stone
1902-2002, Businessman, Philanthropist and Author

Have a GREAT week!