Weekly Trumpet Tips 11/7/10

The Shadow

Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips!

Please always feel free to respond / comment on any of the tips listed in these weekly posts.  Your input may help clarify details for someone else!

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Here Are your Weekly Tips:

Tip #1 – Warm Up For SIX Hours!

Okay, so before you think I’ve fallen off my rocker and someone calls out the guys in white coats, here’s what I mean by this!  The last 2 weeks have been (to say the least) EXTREMELY taxing and busy – which is great!  But it can also cause fatigue and consistency problems… for me, it has in the past.  I would have some stellar days, followed by some really frustrating days because of stiffness, tension, and just being pure exhausted.

Now I understand that many can’t afford SIX hours of  warm up.  But this will at least give you an idea of what you can do to help get yourself back to a “baseline” so the chops will respond properly.

I start off with my pedal tone exercise – for those of you not familiar with my routine, I use a modified version of Claude Gordon’s descending arpeggio’s down to pedal F below pedal F… double pedal F if you will.  I rest for AT LEAST the same length of time that I play and many times longer – in front of the television works best so I’m not bored silly and having to sit in a “Zen” position…

After this – it’s straight to the Schlossberg book.  By starting with exercise #5 – quarter note exercise starting on second line G, going down to F#, then ascending back to G.  I monitor my volume (extreme soft), move slowly, and I try to start my note as gently as possible… no sudden “attacks.”  This attention to detail really helps start to loosen up the chops.  One more note on this though – I also make sure that I am using my air properly and not just using my lips to “squeeze” the air in to a soft sound.  I then continue to a series of intervalic studies to complete and complement what I’ve started… again, resting as much or more than I play!

The actual playing time is probably less than HALF the amount of time total, and I am NOT warmed up to the point of being able to go play a job… but I HAVE put my chops back to a relaxed  state that I can do a final warm up to get “gig ready.”

Tip #2 – Middle Register & Why It’s SO Taxing at Times!

For many years, I would completely wear myself out during shout chorus’s in the middle register before I have a chance to get to the upper register (fun stuff).  By middle register, I’m talking about notes from second line G up to High C.  In many instances, we tend to get complacent and forget to use air speed when playing in this range – rather, we start closing and opening our aperture (pinching) when in this range.  It’s REALLY easy to “forget” that air is needed for ANY upper register type note – and that for me starts after second line G.

I see this time and time again in students and cohorts.  Many times – we can fool ourselves to think that we are pushing air… check yourself in the mirror!

By following this one EXTREMELY simple tip, you can save yourself a lot of frustration 10 – 20 minutes in!

“To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.”

Alan Cohen

Have a GREAT week!