Weekly Trumpet Tips 11/3/15

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Better Recovery 

(2) Upcoming Thad & Mel Tribute

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Tip #1 – Better Recovery

Being a lead trumpet player, I tend to play SUPER hard and have always struggled with points of having less time to recover than what I physically need.  But I stumbled onto a product that was introduced to me by someone as a business opportunity.  I never thought it would impact recovery time as it’s an all natural product made by a company called “Zija.”

The problem I run into is that I play Friday – Sunday and rehearse Monday / Tuesday with big bands that push pretty hard.  That leaves Wednesday / Thursday for recovery / rebuild time.  And in the past, I’ve been so dead (chops wise) on my feet that those 2 days aren’t enough to fully recharge.

I’ve been using the “Smart Mix” drink blend in my smoothies… and after another butt-kicking weekend, I’m noticing that I’m recovering much faster and able to make it through my shows.  Not knowing it was really the drink mix, I stopped / skipped a few days and was back to not recovering as well.  So that’s when the little light bulb went off.

I’m adding the link to the page… it seems to be working for me – and I’ve tried tons of athletic sports aids to help with this recommended by trainers, etc.  Click HERE to check it out!

Tip #2 – Upcoming Thad / Mel Tribute

So this is less a tip and more of a public service announcement… this Saturday evening I am performing at Temple College with the Temple Jazz Orchestra.  We’re doing a tribute to Thad Jones / Mel Lewis… it’s an interesting show and the band is playing great!  If you get the chance to come out and hear us, please do.  I Will post video of the show next week…

This one in particular has proven to be more taxing than I had anticipated, so after rehearsal’s on Tuesday nights, I’m pretty wiped out.

If you’re playing a jazz show anytime soon, let me know and I’ll create a calendar to help promote live music on this site!  Remember… keep the chops healthy!

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Have a GREAT week!