Weekly Trumpet Tips 11/24/15

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Wear Out the Chops!

(2) Forget Embouchure – Black Friday Offer

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Tip #1 – Wear Out The Chops!

The title says it all… but there are certain things you must consider when planning to burn out the chops.

First and foremost – do it on a day that has at least 2 days padding in front of any major rehearsals, performances or other playing commitments.  DO NOT burn them out the day before or the “day of” some heavy playing commitments.

Second – we’re focussing on muscle burn (like a body builder) so doing exercises properly and with care is mandatory!  Let me be perfectly clear about this aspect – this is where MASS confusion and misunderstanding kicks in for most all on the pathway to better range and endurance!  To properly wear down the muscles we want to focus on keeping the chops pushed forward into the mouthpiece at all times so that we are not pinching them closed to ascend (in any register) or allow them to open while descending.  This alone will help maintain proper form.

By working on multiple tonguing, flexibility studies, classical etudes, jazz improvisation on long tunes (playing all choruses), etc. you can get in some GREAT time on the horn and wear down the chops.  Take frequent breaks.  And, yes – play in all registers!  Work scales ascending as far as you can…

Do this 2 times per week and you will build strength… but allow for rest days (minimal playing / easier practice sessions).

Tip #2 – Forget Embouchure – Black Friday Offer!

Forget about embouchure!  Nearly everyone is SO focussed on embouchure that they tend to over think what actually creates sound for us and they massively complicate things!  My first question is this… can you whistle?  Do you have to over think things when you do that?  Can you tighten and loosen your lips when you whistle?  I can’t!  Therefore you shouldn’t do it while playing trumpet!

A great many middle school band directors are SO hyper focussed on embouchure that they are forcing kids to play in a manner that is (in their minds) perfect form.  No 2 people have the same physical make up!  As a student develops, the muscles will start to dictate mouthpiece placement, etc.

So here’s my “Black Friday” offer!  To date, the best course that I’ve created on doing proper exercises to stop lip movement and gain range is my newest course – “Big Problems / Simple Solutions”

I am going to offer this $149.00 course for $75.00 – Through Sunday (11/29/15)!

Because I am having delivery issues with Trumpet Resources currently, please email me at bugsytrumpet@gmail.com and put Big Problems $75 in the subject!  I will in turn, send a PayPal request to you for $75 and deliver the course to your email address immediately following!

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Have a GREAT week!