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(1)   Warm Up / Practice (Video)

(2) Ron’s Tip – Melodic / Harmonic Scales

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Tip #1 – Warm Up / Practice (Video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tip – Melodic / Harmonic Scales

Ron Tenore on learning melodic and harmonic minor scales in jazz
Welcome back trumpet enthusiasts. It looks as though we are into my tenth Week of “Ron’s tips”. Wow how time just really moves. I would like to thank Mr Keith Fiala for using my Tips  here on this site so I can give them to you. I also highly recomend all of Keith’s videos and courses or any level .
So last week we touched on the subject of progression of Chords. I will always make sure that you review all of the weeks prior to this stating on 9/20 so you can be sure that you have not missed any important stuff Like Triads or scales, This is all the preliminary stuff so we can one day improvise with some structure…
Of course we talked one lesson on inflecting them. Yes you must know your scales…all twelve majors. Without knowing those you cannot attempt to understand chords.Now in music you have natural minor scales which I am not going to touch on here today. that is usually used in legit playing or classical. But  I would like to talk about this week is the melodic minor scales and the harmonic minor jazz scales. Of course you are learning a course that has being taught around the world . One school in particular is the Manhattan School of Music in New York. That is where My teacher of jazz Bob Arthurs studied and transferred his knowledge to me at the Westchester Conservatory of music where I studied jazz.
I find these to be very simple in a sense as long as you know all you major scales. The melodic minor scale is one where you basically take the 3rd note of the scale and just put a flat in front of it. SO in the scale of C Major the melodic minor of that scale would just be to make the E or third degree of the scale flat . So you would have C- D- Eflat -F- G -A-B- C. So no matter what scale you us , F major . G major Aflat major by adding or flattening the third of those scale you are now making them melodic minor.. Why? only because as we go on you will understand it gives a certain sound when you incorporate those.scales in jazzand also you learn to hear the difference from major to minor,and yes these scales are all part of the process of learning to improvise.
The harmonic minor scale is just the same except you are adding another flat in the scale and that  would be the 6th note or sixth degree of the scale, so when we are working on or playing the C major harmonic minor scale not only is the  3rd note flat but the 6th note will be flat.also and it will look like this C-D- Eflat-F-G-Aflat- B-C.
These are also considered an exercise in jazz by practicing them, so you not only can relate to the sound difference from major to minor but you are also required to  know your scales in different rhythms . these different rhythms will be introduced to you next time in one of our next upcoming Ron’s Tips”. But for now see if you can play them first one octave and then in two. also try to inflect them as we earlier discussed by going soft to loud on every other note.
 Always use a metronome and if you don’t have one them google “metronome” on the computer and a free online metronome should be available. So remember each week resort back to my weekly archives here on trumpet resources. to review.
“Development in music is not confined to the gifted few, anyone with the desire to practice correctly and keep at it can reach their goal
What we are doing here is making sure all the forms of exercises in jazz are utilized by the student so in time we can put all this together to one day be able to start improvising. This is a step by step course That I learned over many years of training. In the mean time Keep listening to your favorite jazz players on trumpet.  Jazz is a language.
Sincerely yours,
Ron Tenore

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Have a GREAT Week!