Weekly Trumpet Tips 1/12/16

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Happy 2016!  Let’s Take Playing To A New Level!

(2) Shorter Practice Sessions

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Tip #1 – Happy 2016!  Let’s Take Playing To A New Level!

Happy New Year All!  This is the time of year that most folks set new “resolutions” for themselves.  Whether it be weight loss, making more money or getting into the gym to just get stronger, most people have something they want to accomplish.  For trumpet players, it’s usually getting out and playing more, gaining range, endurance or finally taking that plunge into improvisation.

One of the tricks I’ve been using to keep myself on track with things that are difficult or are easily discarded after a few practice sessions is to “warm up” on what ever it is you’re wanting to work on.  For instance… I tend to have a slow tongue because I never work on it… therefore, part of my warm up routine now is to single tongue, “GAH” tongue, double tongue and triple tongue scales and Clarke Studies.  The first week or so I would have to remind myself to incorporate it into my warm up.  Then I noticed that it started getting easier to just “turn to it” every day.  I no longer had to think about it, dread it or force it in…

I do NOT recommend working on range things as a warm up however… in the range case, I would suggest breaking your practice sessions into smaller time frames and incorporate range into the 3rd or 4th playing session.  With consistency, your range will come up… but look for the bad habit of pinching the lips closed to ensure you’re not just spinning your wheels!  Check out “Big Problems / Simple Solutions” for more on this range killing habit!

So your first tip is to keep that playing resolution and take your trumpet playing to the next level by warming up on whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, avoiding or struggling with.

Tip #2 – Shorter Practice Sessions

By planning shorter practice sessions but more of them, you can allow for rest that will be beneficial to building and growing.  There is a saying going around – “I only practice for 10 minutes, but I am no more than 10 minutes away from practicing!”

As useless as some may feel 10 minutes would be, if it’s concentrated and focussed it can do far more good than 30 minutes to an hour of half witted valve pushing and air blowing.

By organizing your sessions into smaller frames of time you will become a more efficient practitioner!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you 
were born and the day you find out why.”
– Mark Twain

Have a GREAT week!