Weekly Trumpet Tips 11/15/16

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1)   Slow Warm Up (Video)

(2) Ron’s Tip – Progressions Of Chords

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Tip #1 – Slow Warm Up (Video)


Tip #2 – Ron’s Tips – Progression of Chords

Ron Tenore’s study on the Progressions of Chords 
Welcome back students! Well I last wrote in my weekly archives about reviewing what we had talked about in the previous weeks starting on 9/20 all the way through till today’s lesson on Ron’s Tips..I would like to get to the meat and potatoes of what we are trying to do here and that is get to a point of improvisation which is playing something  off the cuff when but within the boundaries of a tune and it’s designated chords.
First I highly stress the knowing of all your Triads. we discussed in our September weekly archives.These Triads will make up the 8,- 7 part chords, and if i am going too fast please feel free to contact me here on Keith Fiala’s Trumpet resources.
So there are 8 progressions of chords in music  , For starters let’s use the scale of C Major  So the !st chord in the progression is  #1) Major 6th chord. It is made up of the numbers 1-3-5-6 of the C scale. #2) the minor 6th chord which is made up of the numbers 1-flat 3- 5-6.. #3)the Major 7th chord is next  which is made up of the numbers 1-3-5-7,  Number 4)in the progression is the Dominant 7th chord which is made up of the numbers 1-3-5-flat 7. then there is the #5) minor 7th chord which is 1-flat 3-5 -flat 7. Next is the #6)  Minor 7 flat 5 chord where we add he minor 5th which is  1-flat 3-flat 5-flat 7 , Then there is #7) Diminished chord where we Double flat the 7th which is  1-flat 3-flat 5- double flat 7. When I say double flat I mean you are adding two flats to the top 7th note of the chord. then the is finally the #8) The Augmented chord which consists of 1-3-sharp 5-flat 7
If you notice the first 3 notes of each chord is 1-3-5 is made up of one of the Four Triads that we learned  and the 7th is really the added top note to the chord. There are also 9th chords but for now let’s just concentrate on .learning the  8 progressive 7th chords. Once they are learned and put on paper you will keep them in there order so when we are playing them we will go from left to right starting on the Major 6th to the end. Your goal is to learn them preferably with a metronome around 69 bpm using the quarter note rhythm or one beat at a time.Just like we did with Triads we will do the same with these chords going from left to right one quarter note at a time going up each chord note one at a time without stopping all the way to the Augmented chord. this will give you a sense of timing and consistency while at the same time learning all the progressions. If you make a mistake while on a chord . then stop and go back to the beginning and start with the first Major 6th chord again and do all the progressions till you do not make a mistake. So there you have it. Your 8 progressions of chords. Learn them and if you have any questions please feel free to ask here on trumpetresources.com
Until next ” Ron’s tip” Always play or work on something harder each day to improve
Sincerely yours,  Ron Tenore

 “Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is poverty. Ignorance is devastation. Ignorance is tragedy. And ignorance is illness.

It all stems from ignorance.” — Jim Rohn

Have a GREAT Week!