Weekly Trumpet Tips 11/01/16

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Welcome to Weekly Trumpet Tips:

(1) Fatigued Chops (Video)

(2) Ron’s Tip – Review

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Tip #1 – Fatigued Chops (Video)

Tip #2 – Ron’s Tips – Review

Ron’s review on jazz /Good basic Background
 Welcome back students ! Due to a glitch in my computer while writing this segement on  reviewing triads  inversions ,scales and chords, I spent a good while writing and then it some how got erased llast night, so i will need another week to re-do that particular one so I will anticipate continuing that Tip for next week but in the meantime I will highly suggest resorting back to some of the tips sarting from 9/20,9/27/ 10/4 etc…
But what I would like to talk to all of you today is having a good basic background. Learnign to play the trumpet correctly is like buildng a skyskraper. Before the building can be put up a firm foundation must be built. So that goes for all the triads, scales, and chords , charcteristic studes, tongueing, etc. whichI discussed over the previous weeks. Check them out again!
The more a player especially a young player does on fundamentals, the foundation of playing, the more consisent and musical his playing will be later. Work on fundamental requires the proper instruction in the basics of performance as presented in such archival  books as J.B Arban, Herbert L. Clarke Ernest Williams, Max Schlossberg, St Jacomes, William Smith and Charles ColinLip Flexibilities. Yes they are all good but I also firmly suggest   Keith Fials’s trumpet resource courses and videos. If you have or have not yet tried Keith’s Trumpet courses and books I reccomend them very highly .
To play or improvise on jazz I stressed in my last weeks weekly tip, “it is so important to listen to the great Jazz trumpeters and legends of the past” such as Louie Armstrong, CLifford Brown, Lester young, Dizzie Gillespie, and many others. This is all tied into the conservtory course that I am and will continue to give you each week. I suggest  listening about 1/2 hour a day once you decide to find a solo that you may want to try. Listen to it over and over for a couple of weeks. yes to do it all in one day or even a week is still not enough time for the musicians brain to absorb it. Then when ready and you feel the solo is prety well in your head , then try to sing it and then after some good time then try to play it as I mentioned in my last weeks weekly archive lesson. So what I am also trying to say is that students can practice without having the trumpet to their “face” at all times. Listening even to classical and soloists with different styles of trumpet  and other instruments is very important.
I always prescribe a definite daily routine for all my students just as a docotor prescribes medicine to make a patiernt well again. Fundamentals each day and technical work or aka studies know n as “legit” studies from classical books such s Arban ,CLarke, Keith Fiala and other books and courses will help you even with your jazz solos in the futurewith correct articulation and fundamental technique
 So for now I would love to see everyone understand what I have tlaked about in the past as welll as knowing your 4 Triads, Inversions of the Triads, scales, and inflections which I talked about in the past weekly Archives which You can always resort back to  here on this site.
“There is no deep dark secret…. there is no shortcut… it itakes many hours of hardpractce and concentration”
Sincerely Yours,
Ron Tenore /Ron’s Tips
Have a GREAT week!